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About Me

Hi ,
I am Rakiba Rayhana and I am from Bangladesh.I am a young activist,social entrepreneur, volunteer and a Global Changemaker! I am working in many sectors like education,environment and other social issues from a very early stage. I was a former national debator where I used to debate about the political system of our country and youth engagement issues.Other than this, I have also attended many high level and international programs where I used to represent my country and ofcourse my point of views.

Women are always neglected in our society although it is said that we are living in modern, digital world.We have Changed are way of living,we can fly from one place of world to another in a minute, have easy access to internet,electricity,machines etc which reveals and shows that we are really in the most advanced age of Earth!
But, when it comes to women issues or right still we have that backdated and old fashioned thoughts-there is literally no change.Although I must admit that some women are really doing welll by setting outstanding example but what about the other women in the world? The answer is, still living in "Old Age!"

So, I want to bring a vibrant change about women in our society and make sure to stop all those injustice that they have faced till date.Also, I would like to draw attention of all, to join us and spread the message. Because I believe-"Together, we sure can change!" I have a great passion to change our thoughts about women and help them to give their voice! Changing the perspective and vision of our society about women Education, Environment,Children and Social issues.

My Vision

Women, fully engaging themselves in voting,Politics and stand against the injustice!