From Grass to Grace..

Posted February 9, 2021 from Nigeria

I am a graduate of mechanical engineering with 4years working experience.. I was relief of my employment .I decided to start a small business with a bucket used to bail water from my kitchen..wash the bucket and use it to wash peoples clothes as a drycleaner..I was sitting mostly in sun to was not palatable.. I grew from there to buying a big washing machine and after another 1 month I bought a I have 2 workers.

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Hello, Ramseyjay,

Welcome to World Pulse! We are happy that a new voice from Nigeria is rising up!

You are resourceful and resilient! I hope to read more stories from you. Please continue writing about your journeys. You don't know who you will inspire as you do.

Nini Mappo
Feb 10
Feb 10

Dear Ramseyjay,
I read your story and thought of all the African youth waiting for someone 'rich' to give them capital to start a business, instead of building it with the resources they have!" Your story is something that African youth need to hear, and emulate. There are so many solutions accessible to the youth if they believe that they are their skills and innovation are the 'miracle' they are waiting for. Good on you! I congratulate you on both your success, from jobless to employer, and your vision of creating something out of nothing.
Keep growing sis, and helping others around you to grow and catch that spirit. There are many change makers and chnage activators in this online community, and it is wonderful to have another solution-oriented sister join us. Welcome :)

Feb 10
Feb 10

Welcome to World Pulse Ramseyjay. Your story is your power.

Thank you for sharing how you become an entrepreneur. I hope that your business will grow and bring social impact to your community. Are you happy with your decision of putting up a business?

Feb 13
Feb 13

Hi Ramseyjay,
Wow! :) What an inspiring journey. You rock and you'll sure be counting your millions soon dv! Two workers? That's great. Keep the flame burning! Your story is turning to your glory-amen.

Meanwhile, I join my sisters Karen, Nini and Maeann to warmly welcome you to World Pulse, your new family.....Yaaaaayyyyyyy! This is the place to be.

Congratulations on your first post too. 'Great that you are raising your voice. Keep writing and shining.

Best wishes,
E. J.