My Proposal: #TeachKidsTech

Raquel Daniel
Posted April 20, 2016 from Nigeria

TEACHKIDSTECH is a Project designed to teach 200 children in 2 public primary schools how to use technology’s tools and to drive an online awareness campaign for the need to teach children technology in schools.

The list of digital tools is never ending and the world is growing fast towards Technology and Media. But for children in public primary schools, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the tech skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy.

The goal of this project is to teach 200 children digital literacy skills in 5 weeks. Using a designed outline, the children and volunteers will meet once a week with different devices;

- Laptop - Mobile Phones – Tablets to learn about technology and media.

This Project takes on two approaches, the first stage is the recruitment at least 50 online volunteer

They will be involved in;

1. An online tweethaton with two Tech Professional who will speak about the need to teach children in public primary schools technology.

2. They will participate in an online awareness campaign where they upload a picture of themselves carrying a white paper with #TeachKidsTech boldly written.

The next phase is the on-site training with 40 volunteers;

1. They will be matched with 5 children each and they will teach them once every week for 5 weeks.

We believe that digital literacy is as important as English and Math.

At the end of the Project,

- At least 50 volunteers would involved in an online digital awareness campaign on the use technology and teaching children technology

- 200 Children will be taught basic use of the computer and technology tools.

- 40 volunteers will be involved in the 5 weeks training for 200 children

- 2 Tech Experts will be on a tweethaton to discuss the need to introduce digital literacy in our primary schools.

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Wamweru Imaya
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016

Wow! I totally agree with you that children need to learn tech in schools...unfortunately most children in public schools rarely get the chance because most public schools are not equipped with the facilities and also because many are from humble backgrounds  where even getting a good phone is not easy.

This is a very valid campaign.

Meanwhile our government is planning to introduce tech in public primary schools! We are hopeful this will come true...

Go gal!

Raquel Daniel
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016

Gladys, this is amazing!. Our government is also planning this but it has gone on for too long. While we wait for them to implement this, we will start what we can with what we have to get the results that we want to see.

Thank you sis.

Wamweru Imaya
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016

You are right, many are the times our govts take forever in implementing projects that are really be honest ours has also taken more than 3 years now...and people are beginning to do it by themselves.

I love your has to be done because we cannot afford to wait for them to come and do it yet obviously they will take years...

Stephanie A
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016


Your campaign is so relevant to so many different communities around the world. I like that it involves both on-the-ground work as well as a digital media campaign to increase awareness about the importance of digital literacy in primary schools. Will you be creating a curriculum that you can share with others who are interested in taking on this campaign in their own communities? I'm also curious to learn more about your digital media components - have you decided if you will use other platforms beyond Twitter, and how you might use World Pulse to help with this part of your campaign? Will you be creating a campaign that can be on-going, or do you envision this to just be a one-time Tweet-athon? I know there are people all over the world who share your passion for including digital literacy skills in schools who might be able to add to the conversation as well (either about the lack of digital access for children in their own communities or about the importance of digital literacy at a young age). 

Digital Literacy is certainly an important topic to visit as our society becomes more and more digitally focused, especially including employment opportunities. Introducing these skills at a young age should help kids to be more equipped down the road. I'm excited to see where this campaign might lead to for your community and for the larger global community that you will be engaging. 



Nana Amponsah
Apr 22, 2016
Apr 22, 2016

Oh wow...I love the concept Raquel. Keep soaring.

Kristina M
Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016

Dear Raquel,

What an ambitious plan!  I am curious, will you be able to easily get the phones, laptops, tablets needed to carry this out?  I hope so because you would be able to reach so many children at once.

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Apr 26, 2016
Apr 26, 2016

wow i love it. our kids really need such skills. they should not be like some of us who saw a scientific calculator at the age of 11 and touched one at the age of 13.

i must confess this is a laudable initiative because developing this skill at a tender age will make the kids value its importance and grow to explore them in a positive manner. in fact such awareness will help increase the quality of education our kids have. this is because they will be researchers which will help compliment the task of teachers in our normal overcrowded classrooms.

have you considered the possibility of involving volunteers who are school teachers to be part of the campaign? are there possibilities of the kids becoming resource persons too for other kids?

wish you will in this campaign

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