Curbing the daily occurrence of domestic violence and abuse is a priority

Rasheedat Olanike
Posted September 30, 2018 from Nigeria

I am Rasheedat Olanike from Nigeria. I am a product of domestic violence and abuse. 

I grew up having to watch my father batter my mother every day which ended up with a divorce and we all children of 6 have to survive living with my mom alone. 

In the name of acquiring education in order to be independent and free, I had to endure countless abuse silently. 

Now I've realized that what I fought in silence needs a voice to stop spreading on others.

Now, the same story of domestic violence and abuse flaring around must STOP! 

Women and girls must be empowered to be free from all sorts of violence and abuse. 

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Oct 01, 2018
Oct 01, 2018

Yes, it must stop. I support you.

Corine Milano
Oct 01, 2018
Oct 01, 2018

Yes! We are with you. Thank you for speaking out about this important issue that impacts women everywhere - you are right that it is time to break the silence, and you will find many women here on World Pulse who agree and who are breaking that silence together.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience and your important insights. I hope you will consider submitting a story to #TheFutureofSecurity call for stories, which you can find here:

Your voice is powerful and needed!

Jill Langhus
Oct 01, 2018
Oct 01, 2018

Hi Rasheedat,

Hear, hear!!! I totally agree. I agree with Corine that your story is important and that I hope you submit a story for the current story awards!

Hope you have a good day!

Ngala Nadege
Dec 12, 2018
Dec 12, 2018

Hello sis
So sad but the wind of domestic violence still looms about and women are always the victims. It really has to stop.