Self defense training for girls and women

Rashmila Prajapati
Posted January 17, 2013 from Nepal

One in three women in the world will be raped or beaten in her lifetime according to the United Nations. It is happening everywhere and affecting one in three families in average, yet so little is done to stop it. Most of victim in such cases remain silent, only few dare to go to police or seek for justice. Sexual assault and coercion affects the self-esteem and dignity of a girl/woman, it degrades not only the physical state but also mental health of the victim.

Every child and woman has right to live free of fear of violence and threat of violence, Therefore, it would be worthy that every mother and woman should talk about the self defense techniques with their children and friends or send them to self defense training classes if available.

In Nepal, there is not a single institute/organization that teaches self defense, so our organization (Women Empowerment Nepal) has designed course for the same with help of Tekwando and Ushu instructors and soon we will be offering training classes for girls and women. As we are in the initial phase of this type of training, we anticipate productive suggestions from all of you.

Thank you.

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