For A Secure World

Rathin Bhattacharjee
Posted January 8, 2019 from India

I was going through the posts on FB. Some of the writings as well as pics caught my attention.

A real woman doesn't expect money from her love. She expects Passion, Togetherness.... and him giving her top priority.

The wordings may be wrong as I never read such posts with utmost interest. Then as I kept scrolling down, another pic fizzled me. A couple, probably a husband and his wife are sitting on chairs, face to face. The woman looked like a typical Indian woman of the nineteenth century. A smile on her lips, her feet touching the ground with his outstretched legs on her lap.

I couldn't proceed any further. Lots of thoughts created havoc in my head. What would have happened if their poses were reversed? If, for a change, the woman had her legs placed regally in her husband's lap? Hell would have broken loose in many societies. What a shamekess woman! She will be born as an insect in the next five hundred years for such a reckless act! Can there be anything more sinful than this?

Dear Reader, if you think that I am cooking up a story, do please come to our part of the world. Things, despite the tall claims made by many patriarchal societies, haven't changed all that much.

It was then that I thought of World Pulse and the request for a story depicting a secure, fulfilling, sane world for women the world over.

For women to take their rightful places, the foremost important thing is EDUCATION. An educated woman can teach the whole family. Don't you forget the Chinese Proverb.

Secondly, women have to be physically fit and strong. They shouldn't cower at the mere touch of a physically strong man. She doesn't have to fight her adversary. Her mental strength would come to her rescue.

Thirdly, and this relates to her relationship with her partner, in order to ensure a secure world for women, the OUTLOOK of the opposite sex needs to undergo a sea-change. So long as men treat their women as some kind of ‘garbage bag’, a burden, a mere plaything - not much can be done to uplift the plight of millions of women suffering untold miseries, torture and depression across the globe.

The good news is there are organisations like the World Pulse dedicated to enriching the lives of women, and they are serious about leaving no stone unturned for the security, safety, education, eqality and success of women FOR A BETTER WORLD.

Let's join our hands to do all we can for Moms, Sisters, Daughters and Friends. For in their success, security and progress lies the success, security and progress of mankind.

This story was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 08
Jan 08

Hello Rathin,

I love the role reversal with the image of a man giving a woman what women so often give men under duress and social expectation. You have laid it out so clearly. Strong, educated girls who believe in themselves and a change in attitude by men who benefit from being violent toward us.
I happily join hands with you across the miles.
In sisterhood,

Jill Langhus
Jan 09
Jan 09

Hi Rathin,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your inspiring and egalitarian post. I appreciate your words, support and advocacy for women.

I hope you're doing well. Good luck with your story submission.

Jan 09
Jan 09

Hi dear,
It's a nice expressions that you just wrote about. At some point I got confused but I like it :-)
Thanks for sharing it with us

Mar 13
Mar 13

Thank you for this gender balance piece

Beth Lacey
Jun 01
Jun 01

Interesting point of view