Abua and Kula

Posted November 20, 2020 from Nigeria

Kula and Abua communities in Rivers state are neighbors. Until a time many living today can’t recall the relationship among indigenes of both communities was cordial leading to inter marriages and other social engagements. Now intermarriages are not only a taboo but a matter of life and death as I finds out#lifeofajournalist #newsgirl#reporter#stvnews#featurewriter #storytellerAll my Abua friends come and see

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Nini Mappo
Nov 21
Nov 21

Oh dear:/
That is unbelievable, but still believable if all the Nigerian movies heavily themed on voodoo are anything to go by. In the power of the tongue is life and death, a reminder why we should never react in anger and always choose to speak life, and hold our tongues when too angry to be reasonable.

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 21
Nov 21

Hello Raydee,
In so many ways this video and your reporting bring front and centre the ways that from generation to generation, harmful messages deepen the divide among people, and cause rifts with 'tradition' brought in as an excuse. We are reminded that what can start with one generation can be changed in one generation if people come together to forgive, and create new ways. Thank you for this powerful message. My hope goes out to the people in this area wanting to create change, that they succeed in one generation.

Hello, Raydee,

Thank you for sharing this video with us. Probably a mediator who is respected by both communities can break this mindset. Great storytelling, by the way.