Help Cambodia move beyond gender-based violence

Posted August 23, 2010 from Cambodia

Every year, over 4,000 women and girls in Cambodia are victims of gender-based violence. Sadly, the perpetrators are rarely prosecuted and the victims are sometimes tricked into receiving financial compensation or made to marry their rapists. Strey Khmer is seeking funding to expand its work to provide access to justice for victims as well as their economic independence in order to survive and move beyond their traumatic experiences.

Strey Khmer, in collaboration with Women Against Violence Everywhere (WAVE), has set up nine safe houses for women in rubber plantations. As reported to WAVE, the number of victims of domestic violence has decreased since the implementation of our Safe House Project where, through trainings, the victims and perpetrators are being educated on Domestic Violence Law and Criminal Codes. Still in the pilot phase, we need additional funding to build more safe houses in other villages in the same commune.

Strey Khmer also provides protection for the victims while they pursue their cases in court. Female lawyers work with these special cases to take action against their perpetrators, or court officials and judges involved in corruption, and mentor female law students in order to build a pool of women in the legal sector to bring justice to women.

Both projects need your donations to sustain their activities, help change lives, and lead the women of Cambodia to a brighter future.

All of our donations go through Strey Khmer and can be made through our website by clicking here.

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