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About Me

I am 35 year old ni-Vanuatu woman who is an emerging writer from Vanuatu, a small island nation of 82 mostly volcanic islands, in the vast Pacific Ocean boasting a population of some 270,000 people. My dream is to one day join a collection of women writers from Vanuatu to encourage and bring local literary works to a recognisable positioning with the rest of the writing around the world. I am engaged mostly in development work in the non governmental and multi-lateral organisations. I am an advocate for issues related to human rights, women's human rights and the rights of children. I hope to connect with other women around the world to bring about change starting at home.

My Vision

I want to connect with women around the world to bring about change starting at home in Vanuatu.


I write as a way to get messages across and look for different avenues to pursue and share my writing with the world.


I work in the development sector and can support with building a community of like-minded individuals within this sector.


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