There would be a Happiness

Amelework Yilma
Posted July 16, 2019 from Ethiopia
Desta yahonal
Desta yahonal: There would be a happiness (1/1)

In Ethiopian language Desta Yehonal Makel is ''There would be a Happiness'' 

i got a legal licence for helping women. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Thanks to God it would be happening. 

Desta Yehonal working on women and children helping them out from poverty and lack of education. working in the community and schools.


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Hello, Amelework,

Congratulations for having a license to work with women! That is great news! Please update us with your activities here. Looking forward to reading your stories.

Please check the Resources page from time to time. You might see a great opportunity for Desta Yehonal. May there be happiness to women in Ethiopia. Amen.

Jill Langhus
Jul 16
Jul 16

Hi Amelework,

How are you doing, dear? Yay! Congrats on obtaining your license. Great job:-)

Looking forward to seeing more updates from you, dear.

Hope you're having a great day and week!

Amelework Yilma
Aug 02
Aug 02

hi dear
i was been such an amazing program with my friends. i got 4 needy family and i collect my freand and family to collect money every body so happy to help this family and they support them. i would like to get people helping constantly. like teaching materials food support. so God will be provide

Jill Langhus
Aug 02
Aug 02


Very good:-) I hope you get constant help, too, dear:-)

Hope you have a great weekend:-)