Initiative Update

Taking actions against covid19

Regina Afanwi Young
Posted September 30, 2020 from Cameroon

I find so Much joy in doing little things to others. That is my own little way of thanking God for all the blessings I can't even number. I strongly feel I do have a responsibility to ensure everyone is free of covid19. We have been home bound for close to a months now but when we had the opportunity of going out this week I visited and distributed covid19 kits (face mask, sanitisers and liquid soap) to some 10 persons with disabilities. It was also an opportunity to spend some quality time with them. Thanks to  donations from one of my friends Sylvie Thomas in Switzerland who has always supported my organisation. With the on set of covid19 I have been committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities can afford these kits through economically empowering them or by free will donations.  For the past one month we have been staying home because of a lockdown imposed on us in Bamenda. But I ensured I kept my initiative alive through daily sensitization and updates on a covid19 sensitisation forum which I had created for persons with hearing impairment. I use this opportunity to thank you all my World Pulse family for all encouraging comments which has kept this initiative active and alive. These persons with disabilities need our love, our time, our presence and that's what you have been doing through your encouraging comments..

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Nini Mappo
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

Hello again Regina,
Your passion and compassion shine so bright in this post. Thank you for demonstrating leadership by practicing what you preach, and being a caring presence in the lives of those who might otherwise be forgotten.
You are a gem :)
Stay blessed!

Jill Langhus
Oct 02, 2020
Oct 02, 2020

Hello Regina, Love,

I agree with Nini. You are a gem:-) I hope you and your family are safe and well, honey. Keep up the great work!