Initiative Update

Technology has been the key during the past three weeks of lockdown

Regina Afanwi Young
Posted September 30, 2020 from Cameroon

We might have been locked down for the past three weeks in Bamenda , Cameroon due to sociopolitical climate but my initiatives did not come to a halt. Yes I must admit it slowed down and delayed actions we had planned.

Economic empowerment is a must if we are talking of improved livelihood and so we must always come up with strategies to ensure continuity. I thank God for technology which ensured this continuity. 

During the last one month I have been monitoring my girls with hearing impairment online to ensure they post their products for sale on Facebook and WhatsApp. We have also done some training online our forum to address challenges they have been facing. Now that the lockdown has been uplifted they will spend time doing deliveries. I have been working with all 20 girls online. It has been challenging especially as some of them had to depend on using phones belonging to other members of their household. It is our dream that these girls will be able to get their own technological devices in the nearest future.


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Adriana Greenblatt
Sep 30
Sep 30

Thank you Regina - for this update, I am just getting up to speed on your initiative! And as we go into a new phase of lockdown in Montreal, you are coming out - I feel connected across continents. Thank you for this work you are doing, and the updates are important for us to understand the real every day impacts of COVID on different women. This reminds me of the crucial importance of technology, something I some days forget to be grateful for, something like having a mobile phone is easily taken for granted - and this awesome post is reminder for all of us of the resilience of these women without access to their own technological devices.
Hugs to you and the women today from Montreal, Canada! Keep up the fabulous work!!!

Nini Mappo
Oct 01
Oct 01

Hello dear Regina,
I love your spirit, and innovativeness in looking for solutions to keep going with the training in spite of the lock-down. Well done. And your girls are also worth a mention for not making the lack of their own phone an issue. So goon on you all round, for persevering, and now more to learn as they go about and meet clients. I look forward to that update when the business has made enough returns for them to own their own smartphones.
Congratulations Regina, it's lovely to 'see' your work again :)

Also, did you say the three week lock-down was because of lack of safety, and not Covid-19? How is that going?
Keep safe dear :)

Oct 09
Oct 09

Dear Regina

It was good to read your post. We are facing a similar challenge in our work - women have to rely on their husbands and at times mother-in-law (read seek permission!) to get access to a smartphone and the information we provide on pregnancy wellness.

Good to hear things are moving ahead for you.

In solidarity.

Liana C
Oct 11
Oct 11

It sounds like you are good at being flexible in the face of challenges and that your team of young makers and entrepreneurs are driven to succeed!!! Those are such valuable characteristics!!

I hope everyone is safe and that the deliveries have gone well. With each challenge we become more resilient. May you all stay safe!!