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Thank you World pulse. You always give us the best.

Regina Afanwi Young
Posted February 28, 2021 from Cameroon

Am super proud of the girls with hearing impairment I am working with . They have embraced technology like no one will imagine. Thanks to the featured change maker program. All the trainings we received motivated and inspired me despite the limited resources. I also drew inspiration from the stories I read  on how other World Pulse sisters are impacting their communities despite limited resources. Can never thank the World Pulse team enough for always giving us the Best.     In our Cameroon context. persons with disabilities are under equipped with any form of knowledge in technology. Worst still women and girls with disabilities. Internet services are very poor and expensive too. That makes the training very difficult as I have sometimes had to buy Internet bundles for them. That has never discouraged me. It instead gave me a good reason to intensify the training so they will become independent. Am so glad that most  of these girls have embraced these knowledge and are putting to practice. This month I followed some of them on WhatsApp and Facebook to make sure they were posting their products for sale and to get any challenges they are facing. Its not been an easy task but am happy to do it.  One of them by name Ntoh Sharon was hired on Saturday to do a decoration for a traditional wedding which she did. The picture is part of the decorated venue for the traditional wedding. After which she took photographs of the ceremonial ground and posted on Facebook. 

She sent me a message this evening that she had been contacted by two other people to come do decoration for their occasions. It should be noted that Sharon is one of the girls with hearing impairment who is volunteering at the empowerment center to teach girls with hearing impairment on interior decorations.    Thanks to the featured change maker program  it opened my mind on how the livelihood of these girls and women can become much more improved with the use if technology. I am so blessed that I used this as my initiative especially as its impacting and giving hope to these women and girls.     Today as I follow up these girls with hearing impairment online sell their products, I can't thank Dawn, Manasa , the World team and all the trainers enough for carefully choosing trainings that helped us attain our goals. I want to say I am ever ready for more trainings that will impact more lives.


How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Kiran Fatima Zaidi
Feb 28
Feb 28

It's so good to read this article. Please keep us updated with all the initiatives of yours like this one. This is inspiring!

Jill Langhus
Mar 01
Mar 01

Great job, Regina, Love, aka Bavi:-)

You rock! Great to hear that Sharon's decorations are quickly becoming in demand.

Mar 01
Mar 01

Dear Regina,
This post is so beautiful and so inspiring. You work with whatever you have access to. And you make the impossible become absolutely possible. You and the sisters of Cameroon are movers and shakers. I love your stories of strife and conquering against all odds. You and your girls are amazing! You find the right buttons to push sister...and you bang the hell out of them. Bravo to you!!!!

Hello, Regina,

Wow, what an amazing development! Congratulations to you for flourishing in everything that you do. Please extend my love to Sharon for doing a great job in designing this wedding venue. Wow. I wish there was a video explaining the meaning behind those in the photo. I would love to learn about traditional weddings. Thank you for sharing!

Aparna Sanjay
Mar 02
Mar 02

So inspiring to hear this story about the girls rising above their challenges using technology. Great to see the wedding decorations. I am sure there is a significance to these...would be great to learn more.

Beth Lacey
Mar 03
Mar 03

I love Sharon's story- made possible, in part, by you, Regina.