Equipping girls with disabilities with digital skills gives me so much fulfilment

Regina Afanwi Young
Posted October 25, 2020 from Cameroon

In December 2020 when I first carried out my first step in empowering women with disabilities with digital tools it was like a dream . Then I joint world Pulse in February ary 2020 I read stories of works done by women in other parts of the world. I posted my first story on my first step to empowering girls with disabilities. I received so many motivating comments and some brilliant ideas.  In March 2020 during the international women's day I carried out a training for 16 girls on the use of digital skills to enhance economic empowerment of these girls with disabilties. I trained them on how to sell their products online using digital tools such as Facebook and WhatsApp. It was also intended to reduce communication since  many people don't understand sign language and communication was going to be non Verbal. 

Since then I have trained another 9 deaf girl s on these same skills. We have also carried out refreshal trainings during which we evaluated to see what is working and what needs to be improved on. I am proud to say it has produced some remarkable impacts on the lives of these girls. Their livelihood has greatly improved due to the fact that they can now sale their products to many more people online. 

During lockdown periods due to the pandemics and also ad a result of the sociopolitical crises they are still able to sell their products on like it was before the crises. Most of them are able to run a savings accounts in micro finances and some do save in their local meetings which will be given back to them with interest in December. With the onset of Covid19 we are able to use these digital skills to share information about the pandemics.

Also  they are using these knowledge to be able to access information on safety tips on the current sociopolitical crises in the Northwest region. We have a WhatsApp forum for these girls who were trained and their other deaf peers. Thanks to the knowledge acquired.

Reports on Gender based violence for girls with hearing impairment has greatly reduced with the enhancement of sales using knowledge acquired from these training.

Coming from a country with a lot of myth surrounding perons with disabilities increased visibility of these girls on social media has greatly changed the perception of people about persons with disabilities as a whole.

I thank the entire world pulse sisterhood for their comments and suggestion on World Pulse platform and back stage which has led to all these impact created. 

I am also highly humbled by all the brilliant ideas given to me by my mentor Judy Annet during my mentorship calls on how to maximise the use of these digital skills to create more impact.

In fact I am so moved to acquire more digital  skills which I can pass to these my adorable girls so their lives can become even more better than what it is now.  Passing on digital skills to these girls have become my joy and my passion.

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Digital Ambassadors.

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Honorine Ngenwi
Oct 26
Oct 26

Bravo, bravo, bravo to you my loving sister for the great job. We need just few women like you and our country will be one of the best. God will continue to bless and protect you in all your doings.
Love you
Ahead ahead that there brave sister I have always have.
Hugs XX

Jill Langhus
Oct 26
Oct 26

Hello Dear Regina,

Congrats on all your work, growth and commitment! I didn't realize you had started your work only this year. Wow! You've done so much in one year. I hope to see you soon in the Ambassador group! XX

Hello, Sister Regina,

You have accomplished so much for people with disabilities. I think of you a lot and often wonder how do you do all of these. You are an inspiration, dear. Congratulations on every milestone you've mentioned here. I'm happy to welcome you to the World Pulse Ambassadors, too! Woot Woot! Well-deserved.

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Regina,
Congratulations on all the solutions that has improved lives with the girls with disabilities so incredibly. The difference that your digital empowerment has made in their lives is admirable. When I think of what their lives would be like if you hadn't invested your time, resources and effort to better their lives makes me so grateful for your caring heart and resourcefulness. Keep shining!