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Regina Afanwi Young
Posted January 11, 2021 from Cameroon

 I perfectly understand we live in a world were we are always extremely busy trying to make the World a better place especially for our girls and women. Sometimes attaining our goals  can be really challenging. I thought I share my humble strategies with you. This might inspire a sister or two and I also look forward to enhancing the strategies through your encouraging comments. Thank you all in advance my dear sisters

I have definitely been going through a series of challenges lately. My husband has been in jail for close to six months now, my second has barely recovered from sickness although by God"s grace he has been able  to resume high school,. In addition, my first son is autistic, I live in a region that is currently affected by a sociopolitical crisis, I run a NGO for disadvantaged girls and women, and, then above all, I have to play the role of both parents.

What are my strategies?

1. Time management is absolutely essential. Every month I come out with a plan of action for all upcoming activities, I break it down to a weekly plan of action, and, then, a daily plan of action. I make some adjustments and also delegate some activities, where need be. With the school resumption and being the only parent at home now, I try as much as possible to plan work around my children's school program.

2. I have developed Passion for the work I do. As a Christian, I see Christ in each and every individual with whom I work and interact with, and I love them unconditionally. Also, I am ready and willing to sacrifice my time and resources, however small, whenever necessary, and I am  open to learning and exchanging ideas. In addition, I find it's essential to be appreciative of others.

3. Talking to my children about my job is a must, as well as getting them involved sometimes, when necessary, but also while maintaining confidentiality. This helps out especially when I become too busy and I am unable to spend enough time with them.

4. Team work is very important to me because I belief together everyone achieves more.

5. Collaborating with other organizations with similar objectives, and getting involved in their activities to ensure inclusion, e.g. most of the time I have to provide voluntary sign language interpretation just to ensure deaf persons are included.

6. I build my self confidence through workshops and training, especially by capacity building at any given opportunity. Also always looking for opportunities to acquire vocational skills that will benefit women with disabilities, Constant evaluation meetings with women with disabilities, and working on feedback from individuals.] Success stories inspire me a lot, too.

7. I reading a lot about other people's work, especially on World Pulse. I take my mentorship program seriously by being very open with my mentor and putting into practice ideas that come up during our meetings.

8. Accepting that challenges will always come in life, but leaning on, trusting, confiding and believing in loved ones, and letting them lift me up, through their advice. I have found a lot of supporters on World Pulse, especially Jill ,Karen, Arrey, Nini , Veronica, Akubom, Mama Tam, Dawn, Manasa, World pulse encouragers and Ambassador. Their encouragement, as well as other World Pulse sisters, have lifted me up and strengthened me. Above all dwelling very much on visualization therapy (All thanks to Jill.).

I celebrate you all for the marvelous work you do to uplift women all over the world. Love you all my World Pulse sister.

In sisterhood


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Jan 11
Jan 11

How are you Regina,
I recognize the uniqueness you have seen, and the way you obey the Holy Spirit, whatever He reveals to you, is what you do.
Thank you for recognizing the contributions of the WP sisters and giving us the techniques to continue the fight

Regina Afanwi Young
Jan 12
Jan 12

Hello Valem, thanks you so much for your kind words always. I hope you are well and safe.

Nini Mappo
Jan 11
Jan 11

Aww Regina :) I see my name has been featured in your hall of fame. Thank you!

Thank you for enriching us all with these excellent strategies to stay afloat with changing responsibilities, kill overwhelm or any tendency for pity-party, and stay winning even when life is unpredictable.

That is really admirable and explains why you can juggle so much with such excellence. I'm more of a spontaneous person but can still benefit from your insight shared here.

Keep rising dear Regina! You are raising many with you in your rise :)

Regina Afanwi Young
Jan 12
Jan 12

Hello Nini, you are always so sweet. How are you doing my dear? Thanks so much for your words of encouragement.
Thanks dear and thanks for always playing a vital role in my rise. Thanks for always being Nini!!!!

Hello, Regina dear,

What a lovely contribution you've written here that women can learned from. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am at the season where I lack the delegation part so every task at home is divided between my husband and I only. One day, I tell myself, when I earn more we can afford to hire a househelp, or one day, my youngest (3-year-old, super energetic) child will not be accident-prone anymore.hahaha. One day, our son with special needs will finally learn independence and grow developmentally. By then, I can do more. You are an inspiration! Stay strong.

Thank you for including me in your post, dear. You're such an industrious, caring, and loving woman. Keep it up! You truly are a world-class leader. I love that you see Christ in everyone. You are the Mother Theresa of this Cameroon. Surely, "God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them." (Hebrews 6:10).

Regina Afanwi Young
Jan 12
Jan 12

Thanks so much my dear Sister in Christ Karen. Thanks so much. Thank God for your beloved husband who helps out. Yes dear the children will definitely grow up and pretty soon. I perfectly understand you cause I have been there too. Yes sister on your son with special needs. My Faith has grown up into an independent, hardworking and organise boy and helps out a lot at home so will yours too dear. God always grants the heart desires of those who trust in him.
You are welcome my dear.
Thanks for your complements. To God be all the Glory.

Jill Langhus
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hello Regina, Love,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks so much for sharing your amazing strategies, your inspiring post, as well as your gratitude for us supporters:-) I celebrate you and all the work you do! You rock! XX