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Funding for Taungana

Posted January 13, 2018
2017 Taungana

Taungana is an Expo program started in 2014. It aims to bring together 30 girls from 3 different countries,Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. We selectgirls who are already working on STEM related projects at school or have proposals on performing such. Essentially the best and brightest in STEM from each school. From Zambia, my organisation Asikana Network is tasked with selecting these girls as well as prepping them for the trip to South Africa for the Expo. The Expo is aimed at educating the girls from all 3 countries on the benefits of working in the STEM field as a female. Each carefully chosen to show case the importance of STEM as well as work at having females guide each visit. We hope this inspires the girl to take this up in future as well as ignite thought in each girl to better the projects they use to submit to Taungana. We are therefore looking to raise atleast $9,000 in order to participate in this year's Taungana.

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We are looking for people willing to help even with miles fro an airline such as South Africa airways to have the 12 flights catered for for travel in August. Any manner of help right now could help.

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