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About Me

I am Rekha karna. I am a Madheshi woman living in Nepal. In my madheshi community there girls were not allowed to go school after completing 3 or 4 class. At that time it was sufficient to get education until 4 class. parents thought that if a girl come to know letters would be enough for her future. my parents also did not allow us (me and my elder sister) to go to school after finishing grade 3. but me and my sister did not accept that. we kept going school and finish our School Leaving Certificate. after that my Elder sister got married and I was strictly not allow to go college for further study. but I was very sure that I have to go to college no matter what. I found a small job there in my home town Janakpur in a lawyer's form. I was paid Nrs. 400 for two hours typing job. Nrs. 400 was enough to get educated at that time. I got admitted in 11 class from that money and started my further study. I passed 11 and after that I got admission in 12 class. during that period my parents found a boy to marry with me. Boy's family wasn't asking for to much dowry so my parents were happy. I got married with that boy and had to live in a remote village with my husband family. in my husband family no were working enough to live life. As I was educated I was asked to do work for money. I did that accordingly. I life with my husband for 6 years and after that he got sick. after almost two years suffering from disease he died. he left me alone with my three kids. at that moment I was not working anywhere cause my husband was sick and I needed to take care of him. after that I was so worried how to educate and grow my kids. MY daughter was young enough and needed to go to school. I came to my Mom's house and stayed there for few months. I got a job there near my Mom's house so I was able to take my daughter to the school after that. since then I am doing everything for my kids alone. I am in a good job now and earning enough to educate my kids properly.

I would like to write here that being alone for a woman it is really not easy to grow her/their kids properly. in every steps women can find so many people with so many thinking. Men want to take advantages from an alone woman at her work place or at her home too. keeping safe herself from all these kinds of people and struggling for living is not easy but no one can understand that not even family members too in our madheshi community. parents think that they have no other responsibilities for their daughters after getting them married. they don't care how much stress and struggle their daughters are facing. mentally, physically, economically and morally single women are in danger but no supporting hand will be raised for them not even parents, relatives and nation will think that how single women are raising their kids?

social work being single parents for three kids is a big challenge for me. Administration, Management, Account, Social work, Reading, writing

My Vision

I would like to work hard for women's welfare and right in Nepal.