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Rekha Karna
Posted August 8, 2012 from Nepal
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Child tells how dad tortured her sister to death Mother blames grandparents for handing daughters to their father By Staff Published Monday, June 04, 2012

An eight-year-old Emirati girl murdered by her father and his girl friend in Dubai died because of boiling water and kicking by the couple after she was locked up in the bathroom, according to her younger sister.

“They had shaved off her head and poured hot water on her until she lost consciousness…they then started to kick her and locked her in the bathroom,” the six-year-old Mira said, quoted by Emarat Al Youm newspaper.

“When they opened the bathroom door later, they found her dead…I hear them saying they would bury her in the desert…my father then wrapped her with his wizar (waist cloth) and carried her outside…I have not seen her eversince.”

Mira, who has been in hospital as she herself has also been tortured, said her father and his girl friend had also shaved her head off and beat her up.

“They have also poured hot water on my naked body and tortured me with sharp objects without any reason…we used to ask my father if we can go out and play but he used to say no on the grounds we are dirty.”

The paper quoted Mira’s mother as saying she blamed Wadima’s grandparents for her death after they handed her two daughters to their father.

“I lost their custody after my divorce of him in 2006 and they were handed first to their grandparents…they then handed them to their father…how can they do this knowing that he has a police record…I demanded divorce because life with this man is impossible and no human being can stand it…I think Wadima’s grandparents shoulder the responsibility of her death.”

Kuwaiti woman held for pimping in Saudi

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a Kuwaiti woman for running a prostitution ring at her house in the Gulf Kingdom.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice raided the house in the eastern port of Dammam and seized the lady and six other women, including a mother and her daughter.

The unnamed woman was accused of pimping and organizing illegal parties involving vice and alcoholic drinks.

“The vice ring is headed by the Kuwaiti women, in her 40s…she and six other women, including a mother and her daughter, were among those arrested by the Commission members after receiving a tip off,” Alsaudeh daily said.

Man divorces wife after she complains on air

A Saudi man divorced his wife after hearing her complaining to a Moslem scholar during a live TV social programme although she denied she had done so.

The unnamed husband from Riyadh said he was sure it was his wife’s voice, adding that relatives also recognized her voice when she talked to the programme’s presenter over the phone and told him about his marital problems.

“The husband said he decided to divorce her on the grounds the woman who can not keep what is going inside her home to herself and husband does not deserve to be his wife,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said.

It quoted sheikh Bandar al Yehya, who is close to the family, as saying he tried to reconcile the couple but that the husband was determined to divorce her.

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