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Posted January 31, 2016 from India

My dream is to start a Social Enterprise that focuses on Women Leadership Advancement – this can be as entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders and directors on corporate boards. I would like to also engage men in this dialogue and gain their commitment for them to emerge as catalysts that accelerate this progress. I would like this to be a platform for women and men to engage with across the globe and not be restricted by boundaries.

The skills I feel will help me realise this dream and the skills I am proud of are:

Self Starter: I am self motivated and driven to excel in the causes i believe in. Ideation and Execution: I can ideate and take this right through the end and get it executed. Collaborate and Build Relationships: I can easily converse with, relate with people from diverse backgrounds, break the ice in tough negotiation environments and can help create win-win outcomes. Business Skills : I can create processes, systems and establish controls to ensure successful operations for any initiative Leadership : I can easily take charge and lead teams successfully.

Inspiration in Communities:

I feel that we have visibility to only a handful of examples, stories around us, this remains the tip of the iceberg. Countless still lack access to technology and the digital revolution is yet to impact their lives. I am inspired every living moment – watching a senior citizen take the tougher route and set up her tuck shop braving the elements (natural and social) rather than seek charity, she keep her dignity intact and shows how determination can transform lives at any age. I am also inspired by my grandmother’s father-in-law who in 1940s urged her complete her education and work fulltime. These are just snippets of inspiration.

Assets to Aid

My mentors, colleagues and talented leaders in corporate India are some of the assets I can request for guidance and contributions

My access to technology is also a huge asset

Whenever I need support, guidance or advice to solve a problem, I identify somebody who can help me – this can be somebody in my network, or an absolute stranger and I finds these are fantastic opportunities to develop new connects and build partnerships. I believe that the world is your stage and your local boundaries can’t constrict growth.

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Feb 01, 2016
Feb 01, 2016

Dear Renu, Thank you for your journal. Your assets map is amazing!! I think you understand yourself. Your dream is also nice!!

Thank you.