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About Me

I was born and raised in France, in a small town called Roubaix. My parents came from North Africa Algeria. It was a French colony for 130 years .Because of the war they both left the country in 1957 and migrated to France ..I knew at the young age that I wanted to be an counselor and I also knew that I love telling stories. So I study psychology and became a counselor. In 1991 I fell in love and move to the United states in Chicago. It took me a year to get adjusted. It was a big change for me. I was able to teach French in different schools. In 1998,I moved to Portland, Oregon. I decided at that point it was time for a change. So I went to film school. My very first documentary was about the homeless in Portland.In 2010 I spend six month at Dignity Village, a Portland's city-sanctioned homeless campground ,where live 60 residents.Some of them share theirs stories.That is how " Out of Sight Out of Mind" was born my second documentary.

In 2014 I join World pulse, I translate and comment on articles . I also read the stories.

What inspire me the most right now is Peace around the world. In August I went to visit my family in France for a month I went to the Jungle a refugee camp where 4000 peoples live in very poor conditions.I thought for a moment that I was in a third world country.No I was in the nord of France

I just could not believe it was in my home land .

It was very disturbing so I decide to do whatever I can to help and make a difference. While there I was one of the volunteer. I helped out the best I could but it was so overwhelming I could not comprehend why as a civilize country we let the refugees live in miserable's conditions. While there I had the opportunity to film and get some interview. I came back to Portland and started working on my project.

Shortly after there was a bombing in Paris . A lot of peoples died. It change France for ever. Similar bombing have been going on around the world for decade now. The refugees so called migrant by my country fled their homeland because of war and came to Europe to start a new life.What happen in Paris happen in Syria Irak Afghanistan Sudan and others countries around the world every day. Peoples fled theirs countries for theirs safety so they dont get killed .It take them years sometime to reach their destination lately Europe.Once they get there they still live in poor conditions like the Jungle for examples where ressources are very limited.It is very disturbing to me. The change I pray for is Peace let help each others, accept each others for who we are, embrace each other's our cultures our difference lets share resources let have our political leaders have a round table so we can resolve our difference in a peaceful way. No more war no more pain and suffering.Every day I pray Peace I visualize Peace . I light candles hoping for peace hoping that it will become reality. .I just want to wake up tomorrow and feel the peace around the world.

Feel the love all around the world.Yes I do have dream PEACE and i hope it become reality.

This is the change I am hoping for and I want to see.

" PEACE around the world"

My Vision

Right now I am very concerned about what is going on in the world.Especially in the Middle East, In Europe, In my own country France. Last week in Paris innocents people died.It broke my heart, everyday somewhere in the world there is war, peoples suffering, people dying. As civilized countries we are responsable for the turmoil going on in the world.Today we are paying the price. Most of those country because of the civil war, because of the war,have seen an increasing number of people leaving their country, leaving everything behind .fearing for their safety, walking thousand and thousand of miles looking for peace. Looking for a new beginning. Mens , womans, childrens baby from Afghanistan ,Pakistan, Syria, Irak, Sudan the list is long. More than 200.000 fled theirs countries since the beginning of 2015. More have the previous years. As civilized country, we should be able to help in a peaceful manner bring peace and harmony back to their land. Why is it that we are letting this happen?

I said no more suffering no more war let bring peace to these country and let's take care of the refugees in our country. Let 's treat them with decency with humanity, give them a chance and truly help them to start their new life wherever they are.

I hope that Europe and America truly help the refugees.Stop the hate preach peace and love.

How can we sleep at night feel good about ourself when we know that there is so much suffering in the world.I believe we can reinstate peace in the world.

My goal is to be able to go back soon to the Jungle the refugees camps and help.

My vision is to live in peace every day within me and around me....Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters around the world.


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