Education of girls of Mumosho

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By Mauwa Brigitte

On 22 April, 2015

The girls women ambassadors for the peace perform their activities in MUMOSHO where the girls mothers are located most of them do not know how to read and write and yet are young women. The most disturbing fact is that they were not informed properly about the resolutions 1325 & 1820 to be able to claim their rights. Girls women ambassadors for peace put a lot of work to make the information available through the skits. In fact, the difficulties that we were facing are that these girls mothers were all illiterate . They did not know how to read and write; so by having them taking a written and a reading test we created three different literacy class

Class A: for participants who did not know how to read and write, the teacher was the daughter ambassador for peace Princess MULUZINYERE ;

Class B: for participants who knew how to read and write, the teacher was the daughter ambassador for peace Ariane MOZA, it was the class of trainers who will form the Class A and other women, after we completed our objective, these trainers are also capable of forming the women and girls of the neighboring villages.

After literacy, we have also incorporate the notion of education for life at the request of the population where the teacher was the daughter ambassador for peace Benedicta BULANGALIRE, several girls had children and it took several explanations on family planning. The equipment used was the collar of the Cycle of 32 days, the daughter ambassadors for peace Benedicta BULANGALIRE had carried out by the method of questions to see if the teaching is understood, by giving an exercise about their monthly cycle: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 days, the one that has 26 days was also help but the concerned one was those who cycle that swims between 26 to 32 days should used that method in case they cant see the doctor. The girls women ambassadors for peace made sure to explain to these girls mothers how they can to get pregnant if not desired. On this, the teaching were appreciated and the participants had requested to talk about: "abortion and marriage".

The daughter ambassador for the Benedicte BULANGALIRE had explained and asked :What do you mean by abortion? Each participant gave their opinion but the daughter ambassador for peace hope MUHORAKEYE explain that there two reasons for abortion.

One is because of the lack of support

Benedicte BULANGALIRE has been able to give two example of abortions, one the pregant woman that had been prohibited by the doctor not to do any heavy work. The other example, a girl who wanted an abortion went and saw the doctor. She got the abortion with complicated now she is sterile for life. The daughter ambassador for peace Benedicta BULANGALALIRE had given the consequences of induced abortion. It can harmful. For the married woman, she should see the doctor for the care. for the woman she should give more value to her body and protect herself from making life time mistakes.

Region Sub-Saharan Africa

Topic Education Environment Gender-based Violence

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