I had a dream ...of a world without conflict... just peace

rhania bensafia
Posted November 22, 2015 from United States

In August 2015 I went to visit my family in France for a month I went to the Jungle a refugee camp where 4000 peoples live in very poor conditions.I thought for a moment that I was in a third world country.No I was in the nord of France

I just could not believe it was in my home land .

It was very disturbing so I decide to do whatever I can to help and make a difference. While there I was one of the volunteer. I helped out the best I could with the limted ressources we had they were so grateful. it was so overwhelming I could not comprehend why as a civilize country we let the refugees live in these conditions. While there I had the opportunity to film and get some interview. I came back to Portland and started working on my project.

Shortly after there was a bombing in Paris . A lot of peoples unfortunately. It change France my country for ever. Similar attack have been going on around the world for decade now. The refugees so called migrant by the French government and the press sometime fled their homeland because of war and came to Europe to start a new life.What happen in Paris happen in Syria Irak Afghanistan Sudan and others countries around the world every day. Peoples fled theirs countries for theirs safety so they dont get killed .It take them years sometime to reach their destination lately Europe.Once they get there they still live in poor conditions like in the Jungle the refugee camp close to my home town in France , resources are very limited.Our government seems to move very slowly. It is very disturbing to me.I wish I could do more so I decide to pray for Peace let help each others, accept each others for who we are, embrace each other's, our cultures ,our difference ,lets share our resources ,let have our political leaders have a round table so we can resolve our difference in a peaceful way. No more war no more violence no more pain and no more sufferings. Every day I pray Peace I visualize Peace I see Peace. I light candles for peace hoping that it will become a reality. .I just want to wake tomorrow and feel the peace around the world.

Feel the love all around the world.

I still have dream

" PEACE around the world"

One day it will become reality.

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