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rhania bensafia
Posted December 19, 2015 from United States
The Jungle Calais France

It has been a long journey. I never thought of myself being a writer. I always struggle putting my thoughts on papers. I must say that this course has created confidence within me . I feel at ease when I write. I feel heard .I am able to to express myself so I can make sense. I can be understood and I can make a difference.

As I mention in my previous post I am always been concerned about humans rights. I have been involved over the years with different organizations and sometime took it upon myself to help out the unprivileged, the unfortunate, the homeless and now the refugees.

I was in shock when I discover the reality in my own country France. I knew we have some challenges. The world has been in turmoil and hundred thousands of peoples migrated mostly from Africa the Middle East and others countries over the years.More so the last fours years. I always believe that migrating in Europe was a right and not a crime . Where there is war,peoples can find refuges , feel welcome, get help and have a home for theirs families, have citizens rights and live safely. Today I am not so sure it is the case.

When I was visiting my family I went to a refugee camps name the Jungle not too far from my home town and it change me forever. Most government look the other away and pretend that putting the refugees in designated areas, most of the time on the outskirt of cities with no shelters, mostly tents, no electricity, no heat, no bathroom or very fews, no shower, one meal a day if they lucky sometime none is enough.

Luckily most people that live in the community and also peoples from others countries like England, Holland ,Belgium took the matter into their hands and help on regular basics.

It is really inspiring to see that people from all over Europe are coming together and decide to do whatever it take help the refugees . I was able to be a part of for a short time.

I had to come back home . I did not want to leave, I wanted to stay and keep helping and also documented so I can finish the story.

But the reality was there, I had to get back home and eventually find a way to come back and help out.

When I was in the refugee camps there so much love and I felt so safe with them. I just don't understand why refugees cannot move freely and we can. Why is it that we let them sleep outside,in tents in the cold,in poor conditions and no where to go but being trapped in the camps waiting to be recognize as Europeen Citizen .Most of the time they are denied.Why? They have seen enough. They ran away from their countries and they still not safe , they are still suffering every day because none of these government care.

I am just grateful for every one that take time to help out. Since I got back to the US, I am trying to figure creative way so I can take time off and be there to help.

I utilize the internet to communicate with some of the volunteer there. I am also in the process of creating a fundraiser so I can go back and help .

It is just very concerning to me and I just know that right now that is what I am supposed to do. Today I am able to create awareness thru my writing and the documentary that I am currently working on.. I am grateful that I can express myself here and touch many people across the world.

I am thankful to World pulse to allow me to express myself ,my thought and feel at ease and feel comfortable.

I feel that I grew up the last month, I feel like my voice is being heard. I just cannot pretend that we are a happy family around the world. I cant because I feel the human suffering the human pain. I light a candle so i can feel the peace and hope that one day we will all be in peace with one another. I light a candle every night to ease the pain and the suffering around me in the world.

I truly believe that I am making a difference.


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Bernadette Muyomi
Dec 20, 2015
Dec 20, 2015


p>Dear Rhani, it is interesting that you can be in your own country where so many things happen but you understand more if it when you meet real situations. It happens to me a lot. My country KENYA also has lots of refugees. Most of them are in camps in the north eastern part of the country which is a hardship area. World pulse has helped me a lot too. After this initial course, I have kept on thinking of how to maximize my ability to communicate online. I seem to have gotten a way out. I'm excited to begin working on my idea next month.

Rahmana Karuna
Dec 20, 2015
Dec 20, 2015

Dearest Rhania It is easy to sic comb to the sorrows mankind perpetuates on each other. I'm wondering if there is a way to work from home arena to assist the refugees to relocate here and eventually find new home and lives. In gratitude for your voice Rahmana

Asma fakhr
Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015

Dear rhania, I am delighted to know that you have gained strength and confidence through the world plus platform. The encouragement and support is required to open ourselves to others. The issues you would liek to address are related to human rights and the rights of the refugees, a very strong topic and courageous topic to take furhter.

Best of Luck!

Tosin Victoria APIRIOLA
Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015

Dear Rhania, Yes, u are making the difference. I am glad u are able to put your thoughts in writing, just as I learnt to do same through the World Pulse platform. Go Girl!

Cheers, Tosin

Paula Klassen
Jan 06, 2016
Jan 06, 2016

Thank you for sharing your journey.  I am inspired by the skills that are emmerging (a writer!) as you allow yourself to be cracked open by the powerful experiences of refugees. As I listen to you express this grief, I am allowing my own buried wounds to breath.  The cycles of violence and displacement are experienced by so many.  Glad that you have found a 'home' for your voice.  Thought I would share an exert of a poem that ressonates with me by Warsam Shire:

later that night

i held an atlas in my lap

ran my finger across the whole world

and whispered where does it hurt?

it answered

everywhere everywhere everywhere.