How many use the bible and the name of God to exploit persons with disability

Posted April 22, 2021 from Cameroon

I wonder why people love using PWDs to creat wealth for themselves.

I am a visually impaired lady who happens to be a communications officer in an association called Womens Amputee Football Association Cameroon WAFAC. We went into contact with some officials in the US who loved our project and came over to Cameroon to support us. They discovered that apart from football we had other talents, they took our photos and videos went back to their country and solicited for funds in our names. This funds couldn't reach us. Worse of it all, we were removed from our various homes, some of us were in the chrisis zones, a house have been created and we are inside sleeping on the the floor, no food to eat, abandoned to ourselves. All these in the name of God. I do not know where and whom to run in a corrupt country like ours. Oh God where are you, look down and see what this world is turning into because of money, in your name. When I try to complain they will forward to me bible verses, while already back in their country US enjoying with their children who are valid, I keep asking what become of the vulnerable like me? Please help me out


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Jill Langhus
Apr 23
Apr 23

Hi Rika,

This is very bad, and sad, indeed:-( I'm at a loss for words, to be honest. Some deeds are just to horrible.

Have you thought about doing an online fundraiser or a local fundraiser, dear?