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About Me

In my late fifties, I have travelled and lived in Japan, US and Afghanisthan besides my own country. I now live and work in India. I am concerned about what i feel are inter-related issues: the big corporate take over of hard earned democracy undermine human rights and social justice across this planet. We have a chronic state of war, ecological destruction and disease. Our class caste, gender, race and religious divides are easily manipulated and politicized by the powers that be. Within this unfortunate backdrop I have chosen to do my work through facilitating local dialgoue, awareness raising, cultural exchange and artistic expression. Some of the specific areas I have focused on is women's health, demystifying medicine, patient doctor relationship. My personal philosophy is that our body is comparable to a temple; it houses our spirit and mind and is the sacred reseptacle of the sum total of our life's experience. Our well being is linked to the natural and social environment we live within, and therefore our conscious and thoughful engagement with the world around us is essential. I would like to end here by saying that despite the steep challenges we face I believe that with the presence of groups like World Pulse, infact the human spirit is strong and indomitable ... our humanity will prevail! Peace

My Vision

an evolved human race that has moved beyond gender, religious, race, class and caste divide, celebrating diversity and unity, locally grounded yet globally interactive sharing the best of one's culture ......


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