Why The World Slept Through India's Female Gendercide?

Rita Banerji
Posted April 18, 2012 from India

More than 50 million women have been wiped out from India in 3 generations. No other human group has been annihilated on this scale. So, how did the world close its eyes to this? Moreover, why does this genocide evoke no response in Indian women – no anxiety, no outrage, no resistance, no action? And what would the response of the women’s and human rights groups in the west have been, if 50 million women had been selectively annihilated there – killed in the millions before and after birth, as girls and as women?

I answer these questions in a 2-part article for the "It's A Girl! Movie" Blog. For part 1 click here http://tiny.cc/nkcdbwFor part II click here http://tiny.cc/4ocdbw

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Shwe Hmon
Apr 20, 2012
Apr 20, 2012

Dear Rita,

I'm from Myanmar(Burma) where we haven't had such targeted genocide on girls and woman. Your writings hear in the Pulse Wire and your 50 millions missing campaign gave me knowledge and insight for the sufferings of Indian girls and women and I can learn a lot from you as a courageous gender activist. I always stand with you and the women and girls of India for equal and sustainable future.

In admiration, Insha