Why Won't Kali Rage: A Critical View of How Indian Feminists View Violence Against Women in India

Rita Banerji
Posted July 18, 2012 from India

I recently published an article in the Gender Forum Journal, the title of which is “Why Kali Won’t Rage: A Critique of Indian Feminism.” Kali is one of the most powerful Indian goddesses. She is the female prototype of power, who famously battled violent men and refused to submit to their advances passively. In fact she’d defeat these men, kill them and wear their skulls in a victory garland as a sign of her absolute refusal to succumb. Where is Kali today among the Indian women?

In 20 more years, 20% of women will have been exterminated from India’s population. Misogyny (a hatred of women) is as deep rooted in Indian history and traditions, as anti-Semitism, the hatred of Jews, is in European history. And both have resulted in the same thing: a targeted annihilation of the despised group.

While there were about 7 million Jews eliminated from Europe, India has eliminated more than 50 million women in 3 generations. There is every conceivable form of violence inflicted on Indian women and girls. See this Newspaper log on reported incidents of violence against women and girls in India http://violenceonindianwomen.wordpress.com/And this blog on female gendercide: http://www.genderbytes.info

Yet, Indian feminists as a collective are not resisting! They are not angry! They don’t see this as a gross injustice done to them! They insist that this is not an issue of male suppression and that they bear no anger or bitterness or resistance towards the patriarchal system they live within. In fact many women argue that it is not men who are to blame, but women!!! Why is this so? It is an unnatural response for any genocidal group!

I discuss why the Indian feminist movement is not enraged about the genocide of India’s women in the following article. I also argue why the Indian feminist movement urgently needs an inner revolution to change its submissive and passive approach, and why unless it does so, there is no hope of challenging India into stopping this deplorable atrocity against women, and becoming a more gender-just and humane nation. Here's the link for the article http://www.genderforum.org/issues/passages-to-india/why-kali-wont-rage/

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