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About Me

My name is maiTowera (Towera's mother), mai Mungofa (wife of McCloud) and Rudo (last born daughter of Vanani Simon and Mercy Nyangulu). Those names and the people they are connected to are what drives me to be the best version of myself.

I am a lawyer by profession, a media entrepreneur / photographer and a philanthropist.

The Art of Being Humane is my way of giving back to a world that has enabled me to thrive, either by telling me that 'Because I am a woman I cant' OR by telling me that the sky is the limit if I have the staying power to see it through.

The vision behind The Art of Being Humane is to make a difference where we are in the world by lending our God given "natural" talents and abilities to a worthy cause - for me it is my photography that I use to tell the stories that matter about people who would otherwise be invisible and voiceless.

The goal is to be a catalyst for change with a vision of alleviating suffering and poverty by giving individuals and communities voices and highlighitng ever challenge that requires media attention in order to effect change.
Contact us for info, to volunteer or donate:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @rudonyangulu
Towera...Family...Telling the untold story that is Africa, one person / cause at a time Being able to reach the right people to get to the real issues in order to be able to empower and inspire young people Communication, Law, Training, Digital Media and Photography

My Vision

To be the difference I seek in the world, Advocate for the voiceless and see girls be enabled by their environment not limited by gender