Posted August 15, 2021 from Jordan

Our Sisters and Brothers in Haiti  are affected by earthquake  pray for them and wish them fast recovery after this hard time.

Our loved ones in Algeria are affected by huge fire and burnt forests pray for them and wish them peace ASAP.

Our brothers and sisters in Lebanon have been through a hard time financially and are been affected by a fuel tank explosion please pray please and wish them a easier life.

oh lord guide us towards the right ideal spot help us and our sisters and brothers in Haiti and Algeria to feel surrender and peace and love after this hard time. Oh lord guide them towards the acceptance of life waves oh lord protect them by your soft and caring hands oh lord send  them love , tranquility and healing oh lord our highest power help them by going through this hard time softly easily and strongly oh lord please please protect the world from any uncertainties, natural disasters and hurt I am begging you please protect us and save the world and especially every country that is suffering by your highest power you are our sunshine and light after a foggy day. <3 Amen

If your country is affected by any hard uncertainty please write your country name down in the comments so we will all pray for it.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 16
Aug 16

Hi Rkhaled,

Thanks for sharing your loving post and pleas for prayers for areas that need them desperately. It's very empathetic and kind of you. What a beautiful world we would have, if everyone acted, and felt, the same way. Keep being you, lovely. XX

Aug 16
Aug 16

Hello dear sister
We are truly living in perilous times. Your prayers do not go unheard and your heart does not go unseen. You are a wonderful soul . I am very inspired. Much love to you!