An Encounter with Mr. Teryx

Rabia Mazhar
Posted August 25, 2019 from Pakistan

“This Can not be true!. I must be dreaming”. These two lines were continuously bumping inside my head, and were making a thumping sound from my heart, which I could feel in my throat. My eyes were completely bulged out from the eye sockets, and Goosebumps on my whole body were making me feel as if some kind of super-natural force was compelling me towards itself.

“Yes ! It was not a dream. I was awake and i was actually watching it in front of my very own eyes”. I was watching it from the window of my bedroom. It was in the backyard.  For the first time in my life, that night, I was really grateful to WAPDA for load shedding. That huge thing was not visible to me in the dark.

The only source of light through which I could see its shadow,

Was moonlight, and the glow coming out from its own body. The huge hump on its body was making a strange shadow on the backyard wall. It was, I think, the most difficult task  for me at that moment to understand, what that huge thing actually was.

It’s shadow was very ambiguous and strange. The hump had a series of pointed triangular scales on it. It  had wings on its sides and a bushy tail also. It’s head was inside the bushes, so I was not able to guess what it was exactly. That huge thing use to jump every 5 seconds and make some strange sound. The sound was like a grave, husky murmuring, of a man who is in extreme anger.

I was very afraid. But the germs of curiosity in my blood,

were pinching me, to go out in the backyard and to look what

This strange specie was. My every step, towards the backyard, was increasing the storm of my breaths. My lungs were working 20 times more than their original speed, and were giving me the feeling of a train engine. A rustling sound was coming from the series of my breaths. My whole anatomy was like on a roller-coaster ride, on which I was riding, without a ticket.

At last, I reached the backyard door, opened it and hurriedly hid behind a pillar. My complete focus was now on that huge specie. I started guessing names for it in my mind but failed to guess the right one for it. Suddenly, one name struck my mind. It was a ‘Dinosaur’. I was completely stunned for few seconds. “A DINOSAUR IN MY BACKYARD?”, “UNBELIEVABLE”.

By the time, my mind accepted the whole situation, along with the huge ‘Monster’, the dinosaur pulled his head out of the bushes. He had a long beak. “What a strange dinosaur”, I thought. Now I could clearly understand what that dinosaur was murmuring about. He was ‘Actually’ talking to himself in anger. Every time he used to talk, his skin make him glow with anger.

  Hesitatingly, at last, I asked him in my low-toned voice,

“Uhhh. .. .  excuse me sir! Can I help you?”. The angry dinosaur turned his head towards me. Now his eyes were focused at me totally. He stared at me for few seconds and then said,

“Where the hell is it? Where on earth I can find it?”.

 with a dry throat , I asked him: “Find whom? Who are you looking for Mr. ……?”

“Archaeopteryx !”, “My name is Archaeopteryx 1 and I am looking for that centre, who is responsible for lighting up the earth”.

“ How could he live with such a long and complicated name?” a funny thought came into my mind. I got confused, and asked

him again, “Lighting centre? What lighting centre? You are at the wrong place sir. This is my house’s backyard. Not a lighting ……” . Suddenly, I got an answer for his question.

“WAPDA!”, I said to him. “ the lighting centre you are looking for is WAPDA Mr. Archo… Tarco…. Paryx!”. I fumbled his name. “ it’s Archaeopteryx young lady!”. He corrected me. He seemed very borgeoious to me.

“If this is not WAPDA, then where I can I find it?”. He inquired. “ It is two lanes down the street, first block to the right sir. It has a big white board with its name WAPDA written on it”. I ended my sentence with a long breath exhaling out.

For the first time in my life , I realized that fear can sometimes make you learn correct addresses very easily and quickly.

Now the dinosaur was not glowing anymore, and was visible to me in the moonlight.

I asked him: “But why do you want to go to WAPDA Mr. Teryx?. The giant dinosaur looked at me very patiently, and said, “Young lady! My name is Archaeopteryx! And if you fumbled my name one more time, let me assure you that I am very fond of beef steaks”. I listened to him quietly and felt that my hearing ability is the only sense which was working at that moment. The rest of the body was numb. And my brain was visualizing myself becoming Mr. Teryx’s dinner.

Mr. Teryx said to me after a pause: “ Me and my family has recently sifted to earth land. Since, some archaeologists are doing some construction work in our native land ‘Dinotopia’. I am a famous Film star of Dinotopia, and today my interview had to come on ‘National Geographic. but I am having this problem of load shedding, due to which I am unable to watch my interview along with my family. Some old friend of mine told me that it is WAPDA that deals with the lighting problem and issues related to it. Your house was lighted up and so I thought that may be it is WAPDA. But the moment I came here, I got my spikes stuck in these bushes and light went out. I flared up.

But now that you have guided me to the right place where WAPDA is located, I am thankful to you. I think I better hurry now because I don’t want to miss my interview. It was really nice talking to you young lady. I had no idea humans can be helpful too.”.

He smiled at me, got up and started walking towards the backyard wall.

“What time is your interview Mr. Teryx?” I shouted from the back.

He stopped. Turned, and stared at me. “OK! Now  I’m gone!.” I thought. “My meat’s steaks!”. I gulped and imagined Mr. Teryx enjoying the bites of my meat’s steaks with his family while watching his interview.

“My interview is at 2:00am this night. And you can call me ARCHIE”. He smiled, took out his giant wings and flew away.

I hurriedly ran inside, locked the door and brought myself back into senses. The light had come. I switched on the TV. On National Geographic’s channel. It was almost time for Archie’s interview to come. After 5 minutes, I read a title of a documentary, “Archaeopteryx-the dinosaurs of Dinotopia”.

Suddenly, a smile came on my lips and I slowly uttered the words, ”Mr. Teryx-Archie”. I watched the whole documentary. It was really interesting.

I don’t know why I watched that documentary with such great interest, as if I had known Mr. Teryx for a long time.





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Jill Langhus
Aug 26
Aug 26

Hello Rabia,

Welcome back! It's great to see you back within the community:-) Thanks for sharing your amazing story. What a great story teller you are, intermingling fantasy with reality... it really had my imagination and mind going. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories, and posts, from you:-)

Hope you have a great week!

Rabia Mazhar
Aug 26
Aug 26

Dear Jill Langhus

Thank you so much. Your appreciation means alot.
Yes I will be sharing more stories of mine soon.


Jill Langhus
Aug 28
Aug 28

Hello Rabia,

You're very welcome:-) Glad to hear it!

Awesome. Looking forward to it!


Hello, Rabia,

I agree with Jill, you are a great storyteller. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. Both my young children love dinosaurs, by the way.

Rabia Mazhar
Aug 30
Aug 30

Der KAren .
I am so Glad to know that your children have liking for dinosaurs. ILOVE dinosaurs myself.
Thank you for appreciating me.
I will be posting more stories soon.

Rabia Mazhar

Hello, dear,

Yes, they do! That's something you share in common with them now.
My pleasure, dear. Yes, please continue writing. :)

Beth Lacey
Aug 27
Aug 27

What a great story!

Rabia Mazhar
Aug 30
Aug 30

Thank you my dear

I am so glad you liked it. I will be posting more

Rabia Mazhar