Effects of Violent Video Games on Children Worldwide- Part 1

Rabia Mazhar
Posted March 7, 2020 from Pakistan

The fusion of technology and fantasy, back in 1970, gave birth to the modern time, the most loved activity of today’s generation; the ‘video game’.  Since that time, video games or the most modified form of it, known as Play Stations, are under observation of  Media Psychologists, Sociologists and researchers, and they are busy in finding the effects, both positive and negative, of these video games on its users, which are the ‘Children’, worldwide.

There are basically five varieties of video games including:

  1. Sports,
  2. General entertainment,
  3. Fantasy violence,
  4. Educational games and
  5. Human Violence Video Games


Of all these types, the ratio of Positive effects of Video games is much lower than the ratio of Negative effects of Video Games. Generally, the positive effects caused by these games are the ones that are mostly Educational based, Sports and general entertainment. According to the latest research studies done, it has occurred that by playing these games, children become sharper minded, active, cooperative, able to handle difficult situations and challenges both physically and psychologically.

Whereas, those children, who are more addicted to playing ultra-violent video games produce extremely negative consequences. The excessive exposure to these games is a complete disaster of the personality of these kids, especially ultra-violent ones that are top sellers. Research shows that children are also spending increasing amounts of time playing them: an average of 13 hours per week for boys and five hours for girls. 

Effects of Violent Video Games: The effects of these violent video games are without a doubt negative and affect both psychology and the Physiology of these kids. Psychologically these kids become isolated from the rest of their age fellows, they become more aggressive, impatient, use more abusive and reactive language, become desperate sexually, they become incapable of handling anxiety or tension or other complex situations. Some of the ultra-violent video games also contain highly strong sexual graphics and language, which also disturbs the psychology of the child. Physically, these kids acquire poor body posture, lazy lifestyle and a confused personality. Such kids do not consider fights and physical abuse as a negative element of society and so they become violent in nature.

Parent's Role:

The role of parents in guiding and guarding their child in such a case is extremely crucial. American media laws have now started labeling or rating video games for the ease of parents so that parents could easily find out which of the video games are good for their child and which ones are not.

Thus, the nutshell of the whole story is that video games, which were once thought of as a friendly companion of children, have now become their deadly enemies. 




This story was submitted in response to #SheTransformsTech.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hi Rabia,

I agree with your article that video games have pretty much become deadly enemies. I think violence, in general, in all media has become normalized and it's extremely harmful to everyone, not just children. Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness on this issue.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 07
Mar 07

Thank you for sharing, keep it continue dear
Be happy and prosperious

Mar 10
Mar 10

Hi Rabia,I agree with you that the positive impact of video games on children is lower than the negative. And true parent have a role to play in this so censuring of the kind of games our children watch and play will be great. Thank you far raising this issue

Hello, Rabia,

Thank you for speaking up about this issue. Video games can be addictive whether it brings harm or not. I appreciate your post.

Marie Abanga
Mar 26
Mar 26

Dear Rabia,

Thanks for this write up so duely researched. As a psychologist myself, I will say allowing children to be so exposed to brain alterning games is not the best way to entertain them or keep them busy while their parents are busy. Moreover, I have found those games in general to be so addictive a child could break a glass just because they were focused on the game and not what they were asked to go and do.
Let's hope that more parents start to give this a serious thought and not get carried away either by their kids' pressure or marketing hypes.

Thelma obani 2020
Apr 02
Apr 02

Interesting writeup..thanks for sharing. I have learnt alot but with proper attention from parents and care providers, all effects can be moderated or stopped..❤❤

Kerri Tobin
Apr 02
Apr 02

Hi Rabia! I think this is such an important topic and agree that video games and other forms of violent media normalize violence in society and have negative effects on children. Thank you for researching and sharing!

Paulina Nayra
Apr 07
Apr 07

Dear Rabia,
Thank you for tackling this worrisome hobby of children and young people these days. Online video games is addicting and so many children and youth have sacrificed their education because of these. You are right in saying that the negatives outweigh the positive. As parents we should know how to address this. Looking forward to your next story.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Rabia,
Thank you so much for this very informative post. I actually don't encourage video games because I feel that they make the mind very redundant and idle. We should promote and encourage creativity and innovativeness among our children.
Thank you so much and u hope that you are staying home and staying safe.
Have a blessed Easter

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