Woh Aik Pal-That one Moment (Mime)

Rabia Mazhar
Posted March 7, 2020 from Pakistan


                                                            Presented By:


Rabia Mazhar

Kinza Fatima

Sadaf Tanveer

Anum Hassan

Maleeha Talat

Fatima Zaidi

Amna Ather

Huda Tariq

Sahar Riaz

Saba Riaz




Mime Details:


Idea:                              RABIA MAZHAR Script:                           RABIA MAZHAR ,SABA RIAZ and SAHAR RIAZ  

Screen Play:                  GROUP EFFORTS

Direction:                      RABIA MAZHAR Choreography:             GROUP EFFORTS Makeup:                         GROUP EFFORTS Voice over and sound:  RABIA MAZHAR  


                                        ZAIDI, ANUM HASAN, AND HUDA TARIQ Setting design / costume designing:     


Lighting:                         GROUP EFFORTS  

Group Members:            RABIA MAZHAR










Actors and Characters:

Leading character (boy): RABIA MAZHAR  

Leading character (girl): ANUM HASSAN  


Saint (Baba Jee): SAHAR RIAZ  

Good Boy: SABA RIAZ  

Puppeteer: MALEEHA TALAT  




                                        FOLLOWERS(Mureed): AMNA ATHER, HUDA TARIQ,                                                                                FATIMA ZAIDI, SADAF TANVEER



Curtains back Lights On


Scene 1:



In this scene there is the voice of Satan, calling the leading character towards it as to attract him towards worldly happiness.

 (Lights off)




 Lout aa! (Come Back !)

 Lout aa! (Come Back !)

 Ma tumhari wapsi ka  intzaar karunga !…   ( I will Wait for You  to come back !....)


Sound of hissing laughter    (Satan)      


Scene 2:

A boy enters the stage. (Spotlight will follow the boy)

Gestures and actions and movements of the boy will represent the youth stage of life. (Power and vigor movement of hands) then the whole stage will be enlightened




Theme 2:

In this scene, the leading character will appear. He is directed towards worldly happiness and he is in a stage of enjoying the fun of life.

He is at the peak of his youth.

  Instrumental fast beat music


Scene 3:


Theme 3:

He is shown with his group of friends companying him in that stage of enjoyment.

Friends will then enter the stage and will join the boy in the movement and dance and they will form a group. (Enthusiastic movement of the group)



 Transition in Instrumental music into faster beat music


Scene 4:

The group of girls will enter the stage and will do the sensual Arabian dance movement forming a wave.



Transition of music into soft romantic music and symphony


Theme 4:

In this scene, the most appreciated worldly pleasure for men is shown i-e a girl. the girl represents the world. The world is shown to attract humans towards itself.

Boys will be attracted to girls and they will start moving towards the stage of ecstasy.


Then they will encircle the row of boys and then they will come in front of each of them, forming couples. They will do a wavy movement and will sway in couples as to show that they are getting pleasure out of it. This will be a seducing movement forming ecstasy.



Scene 5:

Both groups of boys and girls are doing a wavy seducible movement


Theme 5:

In this scene, boys are indulged in ecstasy. They are empowered by girls.


Girls will form a circle and leave the boys, reaching one side, doing actions (Arabic movements of hands and waist showing seduction)

Boys will sit on the ground and will do the same wavy movement and will sway their heads representing a phase of ecstasy empowering them.


Scene 6:

Then the boy’s friends along with their girls will move back and will represent that they are frozen in ecstasy and they will leave the space on the stage for the main boy and the girl. The spotlight will be on the main couple. The boy and the girl are doing intimate movement together.


Theme 6:

Now the leading character is focused in the scene to show that he is involved in the girl to do a sin.


Music:  Music will change

Scene 7:

Spotlight on the character, intimate movements will be continued. The boy is exhausted in ecstasy and sits down on the ground and tries to catch the girl with both hands but cannot catch her. The girl sways around him and eventually leaves him and disappears.


Theme 7:

The boy tries to catch the girl as he wants to be with her but the girl disappears after making him fall in sin.



Music will change

Scene 8:

The boy is left alone behind. He is sitting with his head down on his knees.



Music will change. The monotonous ghara beat (symbol of goodness or waseela (Medium)  to the right path)

While the boy is sitting on the floor, keeping his head down, another (good) boy will come to him. He will be his friend. He will do a one-step Turkish Sufi dance movement, turn around and will give his hand to the boy, will touch him on his shoulder. Then he will take the protagonist with him towards a shrine. Spotlight follows them.

Theme 8:

This is the time where he is influenced by worldly materialism.

Now a message from ALLAH i-e the good boy will come to him to show him the right path towards the tome. Here people are spiritually connected to ALLAH.



Music will change again

Scene 9:

 A Shrine will be shown with people indulged in worship.  Set: green colored drapes.

Boys will be moving in a circle and some of them including women will be sitting and will be in a trance. Girls will be in a movement of reading QURAN PAK.



Theme 9:

This is the environment of the tomb as many are reading QURAN PAK and some are in trance.

Intense spiritual connectivity is shown.

He will enter the tomb and will move towards BABA JEE.



Shoaib mansoor’s ishq song


The boy will enter the shrine and will look around everything. He will reach a spot where an old pious man BABA JEE will be sitting along with his followers (Mureeds)


Theme 10:

This is the stage of his unfamiliarity with spirituality. He looks the whole place with questioning eyes and will sit in a carefree way as he does not know how to respect it.



Scene 10:

After entering the shrine, the boy will look around, wondering what this place is and what the people are doing????

He will sit in the group of Mureeds in a very carefree manner and shows indifferent behavior towards the mehfil and Qawali going on.


Scene 11:

The pious old man (BABA Jee) in white dress will look at him


One boy beside him will stand up and will start moving in a circle around him.


The boy will be shown bizarre, and least concerned in the Qawali being sung by the followers and group of BABA Jee


Suddenly his mobile rings


The boy will get excited and then will suddenly look at BABA Jee and then will again start looking at the mobile


He will try to stand up and leave but hesitates for a moment and then after a few seconds stands up and leaves the Qawali group and shrine.


On his halfway the boy again turns around and give a last glance at BABA Jee


BABA Jee also looks at him and then the boy leaves the shrine in a hurryMusic:


Music will change

Theme 11:

Here Baba Jee will look at him and will make a connection with his eyes and is observing his state of confusion. The pious man is trying to make the boy’s connection with  Ishq e Haqiqi and the man acts as a waseela (medium).

One mureed ( religious follower) will encircle him in his trance. This is the moment where he is given a chance to choose the right path but he is distracted when his mobile rings. He looks at his mobile and then the pious man but chooses mobile to attend.

His whole activity is observed by Baba Jee until he leaves that shrine.


Theme 12:

A girl is shown waiting for the boy and boy enters the stage to reach the seducing girl. Here intimate seducing movements occur between the two.

But here he feels an echo out of his heart as he is missing something. This is the influence of that shrine.

But he ignores and tries concentrating on the girl again. He is constantly provoked by the heart voice. As a result, he becomes double-minded and leaves the girl standing there.



Scene 12:

Lights on

The girl will be shown in the center of stage waiting for the boy


Boy enters


Very intimate seducing romantic movement of a couple


Side profile/parallel movement, at the point when boy tries to get more closer to girl, suddenly he steps back with an echo of his heartbeat and that ghara beta ( heart beat+ saajna instrumental music clip ghara beat which is a monotonous clip in mime)


The boy ignores it once and tries to get closer to girl again but the same thing happens again


The boy gets upset and leaves the girl standing there  and goes away 


 Lights will fade out.



Scene 13:


Lights fade in


Theme 13:

Boy reaches home. Here he wants to say prayer but Satan tries to distract him by all his disciples. And he will become a puppet because of Satan’s influence.

Boy reaches home in a very dull exhausted way


He seems extremely upset with the incident that has just occurred with him in the presence of the girl.

He tries to say his prayer but while sitting on Jaye namaz, he will be distracted by someone standing on one side of the room’s corner.


He looks at the back of the character

That person is in a white cloak

The boy stands up and thinks he is that baba jee  and he goes to him and as soon as he tries to touch him, Baba jee turns around and throws away the white cloak and appears in a black dress

He is satan as he starts to reveal himself


The boy gets scared


The satan will make the boy puppet and will put strings on his hands and then his performance starts

All his disciples will start to enter and reveal themselves one by one

The satan is very happy and proud to see them when they worship him.Music:

Wild rock music representing the satanic empire


Scene 14:

The boy tries to apologize to ALLAH but fails as his hands are tied to strings and he has been made a puppet by demon.


He is not able to join his hands to say sorry to ALLAH


Satan is standing on his side


The boy starts to read LA HOL but satan laughs and then gets angry at him


VO:                         Satan will say to boy:



“ Mujh se Nafrat?

Mujh se?

Bhol gye?

Bhool gye Mera Ehsaan?

Bhool gye, k Main tumhari zarurat hun?



Tumhein hur burai k kaam main meri zarurat parti hai!

Meri zarurat!

Main tumharay nafs ka itna zaruri hissa hun, aur mujh hi se ?”

Lekin tum chahay kuch bhi kar lo!

Jitni bhi nafrat kar lo

Mujh se chutkara nahi paa saktay!

Kyunkay tumhari nafrat!

Meri taqat hai! (hissing laughter of satan)”


Theme 14:

The boy wants to say sorry to ALLH but he is not able to close his hands to apologize. Here the Satan will talk to him that as I have helped you to enjoy the world and you are trying to go away from me?

Satan will continue calling towards him.


Music continues


Theme 15:

His heart voice empowers him and he succeeds in running away from satan.


Scene 15:


Lights fade out  

Boy runs away


Spotlight is shown on footsteps of  boy

Sfx of leaf walking

Heartbeat sound  follows 


Theme 16:

Here he realizes that he was wrong. He understands that ALLAH is the only one who is always there for him. He comes back to that shrine and looks at Baba Jee with regret and shame in his eyes.

Now he respectfully sits down and feels sorry with constant crying.

Actually  now after revelation of the evil in him, infront of him, his connection with Allah in the form of  Ishq e Gaib is is on the verge of his peak as well. The pious man helps the boy to strengthen his bond with Alllah


Scene 16:


The boy reaches same shrine in the condition of being a puppet


He reaches the spot where baba jee is sitting with the QAWALI group and a SAMAA is going on


Baba jee looks at the boy with the expression as he was waiting for him


The boy looks at the old man with an expression of apology and shame for himself in  his eyes


His puppet transformation is unseen to the world but visible only to baba jee


Baba jee asks him with his eye's gesture to sit down and join the SAMAA and be relaxed.


The boy keeps on crying


The boy sits very obediently this time


THE same QAWALI is going on which was going on when he came to that shrine for the first time.


The boy then stands up and goes to the Masjid in that shrine and picks Jaye Namaz


He will sit on jaye namaz


He is still in puppet form


He tries to put his hands down and apologizes to ALLAH


He tries to do Sajda 


Then the boy looks up

Lights off

Spotlight on boy


 The boy starts crying and prays:

“ Parwardigaar! Main badkaar hun! Khatakaar hun! Lekin teray karam ka talabgaar hun. Teri bakshish ka umeedwaar hun.

 Siyahkaar hun! Magar hun tou tera hi banda! Main kahan jaunga agar teri rehmat

 Mujh se chin gyi tou?

 Mujhe maaf kar de meray maula!

 Mujhe maaf kar de !”


Then again he tries to do sajda and this time he succeeds in doing sajda

Music comes a with the verse


MUSIC: “main ne jub bhi tujhe pukaara hai!

Ik sadaa ayi ttu humaara hai!” (the theme of mime)


Theme 17:

Ishq-e- haqiqi makes a man realizes its strength at every point and eventually the man realizes that there is no one else but Alllah whose love is eternal and pure and sincere and who loves Man more than anyone else. And each and every person in his /her life realizes this at one point. WHO  AIK PAL MAIN



With this music


The boy will start becoming normal


His hands will drop on ground one by one


He will start doing a trance movement by sitting


The satan will come but the power of  Allah will defeat him


He will do a dance movement along with the boy in which there will be a form of fight


Then the satan will be defeated


 The boy will start doing Turkish dance by revolving fast and in doing so he will reach the shrine and will join the other moving group of boys and will become one of them.

Lights off Curtains rolling in

Fade out





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Jill Langhus
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hi Rabia,

Thanks for sharing your engaging play. Do you have it recorded? That would be interesting to see. I'm glad it had a good ending.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 09
Mar 09

Thank you for sharing. Please update more and more

Hello, Rabia,

Wow, a script! Thank you for sharing this with us!