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About Me

I am the initiator of Society To Heighten Awareness of Women And Children Abuse (SOTHAWACA) and the coordinator the National Council of Child Rights Advocates of Nigeria (NACCRAN) - Edo State Chapter. I am an advocate that champions the cause against violation of women and children's Rights taking into consideration that these are the most vulnerable and voiceless individuals in our society.

I strongly believe that one of the banes in Nigeria are issues where the right of women and children are violated. I would continue to say with much energy NO to this.

Also, my concern on how the youth in my locality Edo State react to what they learn, how they have managed to have a kept a good life is important. To have a good society, we have to start with our children, youth and women then we can have a good world without war and conflict and violation of the human rights.

I do agree, we have to start with the youth so as to have a better society. Engaging in lots of workshops to train, create/heighten awareness and sensitize the youth on issues to do with violence is of utmost importance to me. Edo State, Nigeria is faced with a lot of all the above. Lately, we are experiencing attacks from the insurgency and many feel that our government should negotiate with the rebels especially in the Northern part of the country. Documentary is possible especially from areas of insurgency where women and children especially the girl-children are affected by all kinds of violence and diseases.

My Vision

I want to impact positively through messages that would not only uplift and inspire but would encourage the empowerment of women of my local rural community. #Empoweringwomentogrowabovepoverty


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