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About Me

I am a Visual Artist/Painter who has turned away from the "For Money" Art industry in order to be part of a World where Art is Public and is created in order to make a contribution to Social and Political Justice.

My Organization Roots To Resistance is an Art and Activism endeavor which is supporting the work of 12 International Women Activists doing groundbreaking, risky and extremely important work here on the planet. We are painting large scale, 8foot high Portraits and creating Global Postcard and Street Postering which share the voices of the 12 Women Activists and raise the issues they are fighting for and against.

We send these campaigns free across the Planet via Global Partnerships with more than 80 international organizations who help us translate the materials and pass them forward in their Communities. The Campaigns are building social engagement, connection and support through international and local alliances that work together trying to empower the Women Activists and connect them to World Communities. We concentrate our efforts on real physical materials such as Postcards and Street Posters, items that are tangible, and can be held in People's hands. We feel there is power in passing on information, ideas, stories, campaigns and connection in this way.

The Project, Portraits and Global Campaigns are meant to Engage, Connect and Inspire more than they aim to change entrenched policies and politics, All of our Postcards and Street Posters are offered and sent for free to anyone on this Planet that is interested in receiving them and sharing them with their Communities. If you would like to be a part of any of our campaigns for the below Women Activists, just contact us here or at our link below.

The Twelve Women Of Roots To Resistance:

Natalia Estemirova-Chechnya-Human Rights Journalist
Malalai Joya-Afghanistan-Peace/Women's Rights Activist
Chouchou Namegabe-DR Congo-Journalist Reporting Sexual Violence
Zapatista Women-Mexico-Indigenous/Environmental Rights Activists
Rebecca Gomperts-Netherlands-Reproductive Rights Activist
Wangari Maathai-Kenya-Environmental/Women's Justice Activist
Aung San Suu Kyi-Burma-Democracy/Peace/Human Rights Activist
Razan Ghazzawi-Syria-Human Rights, Justice and Civil Society Activist
Maria Gunnoe-U.S-Environmental Activist resisting Mountaintop mining
Marina Silva-Brazil/Environmental Activist protecting the Amazon
Yvonne Margarula-Australia-Aboriginal/Environmental Rights Activist
Vandana Shiva-India-Ecofeminist/Seed Saver/Earth Champion

Our Roots website:

Denise Beaudet/Roots To Resistance
[email protected]
Painting, Hiking, Books, Learning, Being Close To The Natural World Everyday, cooking beautiful healthy food for those I love. How to connect my Art to really important change and to Global Social Justice movements. Using my Art, imagination and inspiration to share the stories, challenges and triumphs of Resistance and Justice movements by creating Global Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns that connect Global Communities.

My Vision

To keep painting, to keep being connected to a Global Network of Justice Workers and to keep learning and asking questions.