Raising awareness for body confidence

Posted September 23, 2021 from United Kingdom

It's been a while since my last post I guess life can get in the way !

In the time I haven`t posted so much has happened life seems to going well and my campaign to raise awareness for body confidence is reaching so many which it was meant to do which is very exciting. I have hosted my first local community body confidence fashion show.. men, women girls from all over the UK took part, we come together to celebrate ourselves but also each other, to show the world who we are and nothing else matters. 

Being you are always the best of all.. sometimes we hideaway and we get comfortable in our own world but losing sight of who we are and who we can be, I love using my body as a canvas to express who I am I love art and painting and lots of creativity too. The reason i started my campaign was to help myself and get me through my struggles and to heal myself and my wounds. But also to help others see who they can be to stand up and not care what others think about us we should be brave, sexy and carefree... 

My work over the last 9 months has been wonderful.. I have painted many people and they felt liberated, they laughed and they said how lovely it was to show their true colours..  women and men come forward to something they have never done before, stepping outside their comfort zone and the unknown something so small can end up being so big. 

I`m here to help and show you not just my art, or my painted body but to show you, who you can be not to hide, not to run away but to embrace who you are stand up, brush yourself off.. it's your time to shine and show the world what you can do.. always love who you are because we can all be shining stars welcome to my be body confident campaign.. 

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Sep 23
Sep 23

Well Done Rosegold.

Sep 24
Sep 24

Hello Rosegold
There is healing in art! Thank you for your lovely initiative. Love it!

Beth Lacey
Sep 27
Sep 27

This is so important. Body confidence is attacked repeatedly through social media. I applaud you