Love of a daughter

Posted January 4, 2021 from United Kingdom
Art confident

Being a women I must stand strong... be confident and love myself ,, I am getting their.

But to be a mum is the best feeling and job in the world.. I want to be someone my kids look up to and be proud of. for this they are my greatest creation which I put into my art and what better way to express this!! To paint my daughter and myself.. the fun we had doing the paint, platting hair, and creating the photo, time is a precious thing always treasure those moments.

I will treasure her and my boys... as you can see art isn`t  just for fun but can make a woman powerful and confident time to self express who you are ladies,

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Hello, Charlotte,

So nice to meet your daughter. You both are beautiful. I'm glad she also enjoys art. What a lovely bonding moment for the two of you. Happy New Year to you and your children!

Jan 05
Jan 05

Thank you for your message ... we love art here in this house we are drawing on the window at the moment lol!!
Happy new year to you as well hunny x