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Posted April 5, 2017 from Tanzania
A small girl
When we don't help girls, they tend to get lost on the way. They need help to give them hope and other types of support to complete school and empower them.

When Naishieyie started crying I knew something was troubling her. In the presence of her teacher she explained to us how she could not concentrate in school, for the fear that her father was likely to come to school to take away and force her into marriage.

Certainly, she knew that this was the trend with all girls in her village. The thought of not finishing school has kept her worried. Many girls her age have undergone F.G.M and are already wives. She has seen how much many of them are suffering and wishes she doesn't fall into it.

One of the worst reasons was to go home for school fees. It had not been paid and one of the school requirements was to pay school fees which only her father was to do that. Where was she to turn to ? Her father was the only one she could ask to do so and yet he wanted her out of school now. I tried to help her and it became very hard I managed a few items but not school fees for her. I was struggling to pay school fees for one child I was supporting. I approached a few people to see whether they could help pay for her but pledged and didn't do so even as I write this.

It discourages such girls who are willing to learn. How then can you help Naishiyie complete her third year of college? How can you give her hope ? Please, help Naishiyie complete school that way you will give her hope.

I need to build the capacity of my community on the importance and support for girl education and Harmful Traditional Practice avoidance that contribute to forced marriages.

Although, I have some resources. I still need very vital resources to help me keep the girls in schools such as pay school fees and a girls rescue center to help those who ran away from early forced marriages and want to complete school. An experience I had with girls running to me, for help. If we don't help them they will be like 'small kids lost on the way'.

Do you have any other idea/ suggestion/ solution on what I can do to help keep girls like Naishiyie in school?

Please, I need your support on this.

How to Get Involved

- Sponsor and help a girl complete school

--Help /buy other items and keep her in school

- Support me build on my community capacity



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Apr 05, 2017
Apr 05, 2017

Your story is so sad.  I know how you must feel, trying to keep her in school but not finding the funding for her and so many others.  If she leaves school then she must get married much too early.  I wish I had a solution for you.  I guess getting the word out and seeing if there are churches, schools, or other organizations that might be willing to pool their money and help these young girls out might be your only resource. Your How to Get Involved window is an excellent start. I wish you much success with this.  As a retired teacher, I value education very highly, but I also want girls to be able to wed when they are ready!

Thank you for all you are doing and I wish you much success.


Apr 27, 2017
Apr 27, 2017

Dear Barbara,

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words and again for responding to this. Am sorry, that I took long to respond back. Again, I highly appreciate and believe you would have helped me support girls and very happy to learn that you are a teacher too. Absolutely, I also want them to wed when time is ready for them and hopefully we will manage to help them make this kind of sound decision someday.

Again, thanks a lot and warm regards,


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