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About Me

Rosemary believes in the positive transformation of girls and women lives. She understands the importance of technology in making the difference in them and for them. In 2010, she developed an innovative and major program for her organization called Girls Improvement Program in Education Development (GIPiED) that has been redesigned/ improved to accommodate dynamics of technology. GIPiED focuses the promoting the vision and Mission of her organization to help accelerate the advancement of Girls’ and Women rights’
She is championing the engagement of community key decision makers - Men (young and old) to support the advancement and positive transformation of girls lives and to stop Harmful / Negative Practices like Girl Child Forced Marriages and other forms of discrimination.
She also strongly believes Education and technology is central to development. Her challenges are finding partner(s) to help her create film(s) to inspire her community to ensure all girls access education,

My Vision

-Film company to support my course
-Tanzania government- implementation on child marriage policy
-All men, join me on #TheHeforShe



I will appreciate your support to purchase 1 Laptop, 1 Projector, 1 Printer, 50 Chairs, 10 tables


Development Practitioner- Expert in Organizational Development (OD). Consulting services on OD.


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