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Miss Rosina Teye Akuorkor is the executive director of Dolly Foundation.I am a young lady who has a profound passion for helping others and this is what drives me on to form Dolly Foundation to help less unfortunate women and children in the deprive area. my organization is in a community where culture practices is highly disrespected. women do not have the opportunity to make decision for them selves. i have the opportunity to break through from these culture practices because i have a educated parent. i believe that if women get educated they themselves will become advocate for some of the outmoded culture practice. human development to me is the vehicle for nation development. i am a woman with multiple face of a African woman. i am a single mother, am coming from a rural area where few women have access to leadership position,where women rights are not adhere to and a society where societal role are based on gender not your ability to make a change. i want to be able to lead rural women to demand for their right, get elected to hold political position and to also contribute to decision that concerns them.
my passion is to make change in the life of women . i want women to have a voice. a voice that can be hear from the wilderness. financial support and coaching leadership, advocate and public speeaking

My Vision

to help women to impact life



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