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About Me

Professionally, I am a media therapist -- which equates to a marketing professional specializing in media technology solutions who helps teams optimize to meet their goals.

Most importantly I am a mother, a daughter, and a sister.

I imagined when I was young that I would travel, explore and learn about all the cultures and people of the world and from these experiences I would would write stories.

I have traveled some. I've written much. I still love to learn and share. I am most interested in working collaboratively to create a better world for our children and our children's children that admires differences, is filled with respect, honor and allows love and peace to prosper.

I have had the great opportunity to connect with some of the Women of World Pulse who are not only voices but catalysts of change. I look forward to connecting more -- to grow.

My Vision

sustainability, healthier world, peace, love


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