Give peace to girl children

Posted September 9, 2014 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

English translation by community member Aurore.

Repeted wars, armed groups, killings, atrocities....all of this does not help us feel happy to live in Congo, and as in other countries, the main targets remain women and girls. And as if that was not enough, now they target girl children.
In Bugorhe (Kabare territory, about 30km from the city of Bukavu), the 20th case in just one week was reported and involved a 3 year old little girl. On September 6th, women and girls, as young as 3- or 8-year-olds, reacted by covering their heads with a black bag and chanting slogans about women's dignity. The national police general, Mr Galenga, came to meet the demonstrators.
After congratulating them, he promised more security and a severe punishment for the rapists. This brought a bit of relief, even though promising is one thing and doing is another. We pray our sisters in Nigeria and elsewhere to do the same to free our sisters. If Galenga was moved, why not Boko Haram. Their members have wives, sisters and daughters after all. May they put themselves in the parents' place.
So we pray for women and girls to be charitable to our sisters, it can be me today but you tomorrow. Women should not be used as war weapons, whatever the stakes are. Those girls are entitled to life and peace. Their religion should be a free choice and not something imposed to them as it is on the 223 Nigerians captured by Boko Haram. What is the God they serve if they leave out loving one's neighbour and showing compassion to others ? Leave these children in peace so we can finally BUILD A BETTER WORLD FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

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