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About Me

Follow RUSafe on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Please join me in the fight against domestic violence. Download the RUSafe App (FREE) today-a dangerous relationship assessment App that can help a victim avoid a violent situation and even save a victim's life.

My Vision

I believe so passionately that the RUSafe App can both protect and save lives. RUSafe is a free “dangerous relationship assessment” app. Please join me in the fight against domestic violence. It has become my personal crusade, as well as Women’s Center & Shelter (WC&S), to get the RUSafe App in as many hands of those in danger as possible across the United States. Spread the word and help Women’s Center & Shelter get the RUSafe App on as many phones as possible. The RUSafe App very well may have already saved a life, if not many lives. It may have changed the path of a woman who otherwise would have not received potentially life-saving help. Download it yourself and encourage friends and family to do the same. Together, we are no longer bystanders. With this app, we have the ability to help ourselves and to help those around us. Together we can save women’s lives.


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