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Create a safe workspace for minority women with me

What I'm Leading

I am impacting Muslim women of Mumbai city by creating a safe and secure working space for them. Muslim women – who are a religious minority, do not have a violence-free and safe work environment and face discrimination at the Workplace. I am empowering them by educating decision-makers about the issues and challenges they face to support efforts to end discrimination and form a fear-free space for women.

Who I'm Impacting

Coming soon!


About Me

I am a feminist activist, passionate about Minority Rights and smashing stereotypes of women, esp Muslim women. From India which is currently witnessing a rise in hate crimes on account of the Islamophobia, I work with young girls to counter the hate propaganda aimed at creating a sense of insecurity and otherness. For this, Parcham an organization I have co-founded with other feminists creates platforms for young girls from different communities to come together, get to know each other and celebrate diversity.

My Vision

A just and equal society respectful of diversity, celebrating difference and interdependence.


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