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Sabah Khan
Posted July 10, 2019 from India

Parcham achieved a major victory with a public announcement by the elected representative that a ground of 5 acres in a small town in Maharashtra, India for the exclusive use of women and girls to play sports.  Parcham is a small group which achieved this major feat through the sheer determination of young girls in the age group 14-19 who stood outside colleges and the market, getting signatures on an appeal to the government to give land for women and girls to enjoy their right to play. 

Lesson is that age is not a factor in creating change.  A belief in your demand and the determination to get it will take you there. 

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Jul 10
Jul 10

Congratulations and best regards to Parcham team

Jul 10
Jul 10

Dear Sabah
congrats and best wishes to you and Parcham team
proud to be associated with you through CIP fellowship and World Pulse Forum

Hello, dear Sabah,

This is great news indeed! How admirable are these young girls to create change. Please extend our congratulations to them and the Parcham team!

Please continue to share the updates here. Thank you!

Dawn Arteaga
Jul 10
Jul 10

This is a stunning success! Congratulations Sabah! There is something so transformational about feeling enough value in your own worth, your own voice that you let yourself truly "take up space." You are giving the girls you work with a lifelong gift by practicing this very important skill.

Jill Langhus
Jul 11
Jul 11

Hi Sabah,

Wow! This is a great development, and news. Thanks so much for sharing:-) Hope you're doing well, and having a great week!

Madhuri Deshkar
Jul 11
Jul 11

It nice

Beth Lacey
Jul 13
Jul 13

A great accomplishment!