World Day Against Child Labour - 2021 is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

Sabeena Ahmed and The LilFT
Posted August 9, 2021 from United Arab Emirates
World Day Against Child Labour 2021 - Social Media Campaign #EndChildLabour2021
The World Fair Trade Organization Principle 5 - No Child Labour, No Forced Labour
The World Fair Trade Organization Principle 5 - No Child Labour, No Forced Labour (1/4)

World Day Against Child Labour is observed on June 12th.

World Day Against Child Labour is intended to highlight the plight of working children and to support the worldwide movement against child labour.

Did you know that 2021 is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour? I am ashamed to say that I didn't!

Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in light of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 8.7 that seeks to eliminate all forms of child labour by 2025.

I had no idea that there are approximately 152 million boys and girls trapped in child labour worldwide, and 71% or 108 million of them are working in agriculture.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on agri-food systems is exacerbating rural poverty and leading to an increase in child poverty, school dropout and food insecurity.

Children are being increasingly involved in working activities to compensate labour gaps and income losses in food and agricultural production.

This situation is likely to reverse progress and undermine efforts to eradicate rural poverty (SDG 1), achieve zero hunger (SDG 2), and eliminate child labour (SDG 8.7).

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations


Fair Trade = No Child Labour or Forced Labour

As a social entrepreneur, fairtrade campaigner and educator, I am pleased to say that the World Fair Trade Organization supports No Child Labour.

Fair Trade Principle 5 specifically states No Child Labour, No Forced Labour.


Chocolate, Child Trafficking and The Dark Side of Chocolate 

During 2011 I was awarded with the BoldTalks Open Mind Award and met renowned producer and film maker Miki Mistrati who was a guest speaker at BoldTalks Dubai, UAE.

His film 'The Dark Side of Chocolate' had a deep and powerful impact on me and my late mother. 

It was horrifying to see young children sold into slavery, forced and beaten to work in cocoa plantations.

The effect of the film made me question my chocolate purchases and raise awareness for fairtrade chocolate, The Ten Principles of Fair Trade and fairtrade cocoa farmers.

I would highly recommend everyone purchases a copy of The Dark Side of Chocolate and support fair trade companies who are ethically accredited with the fairtrade certified, slavery free and organic.


Fair Trade Chocolate Master Class with Bruce Crowther MBE

As a passionate fairtrade chocoholic I visited Bruce Crowther MBE in Garstang during November 2016, for a special Chocolate Masterclass

We produced a delicious batch of bean to bar fairly traded chocolate using cocoa beans grown by Fredrick the Farmer in Ghana.

Fredrick is a member of the Kuapa Kukoo Farmers Cooperative Ghana, and it was wonderful feeling knowing he had grown the cocoa for our chocolate.

Bruce's words of support

''So good to have you back in Garstang Sabeena and have the joy

of making bean to bar chocolate with you.

Now 5 years on we are struggling to continue with The FIG Tree but we are STILL HERE and the chocolate smells good.

Let's continue the struggle together acrosse the globe that sees

1853 Fair Trade Towns in 29 countries.''

Bruce Crowther

It was a tiring morning but well worth it!

I purchased lots of Fig Tree chocolate and shared it with like minded individuals in Dubai.


Namaste and Fashion's Hidden Supply Chain with GoodWeave International

This year Namaste (a lovely fair trade wholesaler) based in the UK have asked fair trade retailers and campaigners to share a video about Muskaan a former child labourer.

This inspirational, three-minute video highlights the story of Muskaan, a 13-year-old girl and former child laborer, discovered by GoodWeave inspectors while working in a home-based, outsourced apparel supply chain in India.

It was filmed and produced by Will Jack Robinson of The Studio_M.


What you can do to end child labour?

World Day Against Child Labour 2021 was an opportunity to give visibility to eliminate Child Labour. 

Do your part to end child labour.

Share a picture of yourself as a kid with this caption:

“As a kid, I wanted to become __. I’m sharing this photo to support the United Nations Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, because I believe kids should dream now and work later. I challenge @(tag Name 1), @(Name 2), @(Name 3) to do the same. #EndChildLabour2021


1. Choose a photo.

2. Make your post

'As a kid, I wanted to become a forensic scientist.

I’m sharing this photo to support the United Nations Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, because I believe kids should dream now & work later.

I challenge @chrislongden, @soniassmile to do the same. #EndChildLabour2021'

3. Join the movement

 Are you in? Join the challenge?

Use the social media hashtag: #EndChildLabour2021

Much love and respect to all child labour activists, campaigners and supporters

In Solidarity




The Little Fair Trade Blog - World Day Against Child Labour 2021 with Sabeena Z Ahmed

World Day Against Child Labour

End Child Labour - International Year For The Elimination of Child Labour 2021

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate Masterclass with Bruce Crowther MBE

The World Fair Trade Organization 

Namaste UK

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Aug 10
Aug 10

Greetings to you dear sister and thank you for your story! I am beside myself with shock! Does poverty really win? And as this pandemic runs across the globe, things are just worsening especially for the most vulnerable. Thank you for the footage. I am totally against child labour. I really need to let my boys see this - we will pray for all the children out there who are being forced to stand in the gap. Children are to receive the basic needs in life, as it is...instead they are now the providers...

Thank you for this insight and for being our eyes when we are are not seeing.

Much love to you!

Beth Lacey
Aug 11
Aug 11

This is great focus on a horrible life for children

Nini Mappo
Aug 13
Aug 13

Hello Sabeena,
Your stories often call us to live better, to fight for the opressed, or at leasat not ne the cause of their oppression. Thank you for the education you provide me today, and this platform as well. This is shocking, sad, and unthinkable. It really is high time we know the origins of our products, not just consume in ignorance and without a care. Thank you so much for creating this awareness, and for the work that you are doing. It is really valuable, setting the children free to be children, instead of being burdened by this abuse.
Inshallah all these vices will be over one day, as we all do what we can to stand up against it.
Wishing you blessings in all the you are doing.
With love,

Ngala Nadege
Sep 20
Sep 20

Hello sister...
Thanks for sharing