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Posted May 5, 2020 from United Arab Emirates
Sabeena Ahmed - Labour Behind The Label poster - April 2020
With my beloved grandmother Shamsun Nisa
With my beloved grandmother Shamsun Nisa (1/8)

I'd like to begin this blog with love and gratitude for my beloved grandmother who returned to her maker March 2020.


With my beloved grandmother Shamsun Nisa who returned to her maker during the Six Items Challenge 2020

Thank you for being the strong selfless woman who inspires my soul.

You taught me to live my life with dignity, honesty and compassion.

May God, Allah azza wa'ajal bless you with the highest rank in Jannat-ul-Ferdose, Paradise, Aameen!

Miss you and love you always Nani! X



Hello and Assalaam Alaikum (peace and blessings) everyone,

Thanks for dropping by.

So here I am for the eighth consecutive year participating in the Six Items Challenge with Labour Behind The Label.

This year the challenge commences 26th February - 9th April 2020. 

I have decided to participate and support the Six Items Challenge for the eighth year because I started to campaign for garment and factory workers while caring for my mother who had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

The six items challenge means I choose six items of clothing to wear for six weeks.

Don't worry!

This does not include under garments or exercise gear. You can wear an endless supply of these. :)

This year I hope to up-cycle some of the clothes my mother purchased for me before she passed away.

It is a long term ambition to design a fairtrade slow fashion collection in memory of my beautiful mother Mrs Meshar Mumtaz Bano and support fair trade certified cotton farmers, sustainable and ethical producers.

My beloved mother was a great advocate for women's empowerment and education.

I believe she would have been happy and proud of me to continue my campaigning for the millions of countless individuals producing clothes and accessories in factories and workshops around the world.

Hopefully by the end of the Six Week Challenge I would have educated a few people and raised a few pounds/dirhams.



Fast fashion is a term the fashion industry uses to entice consumers to purchase new trends, products and accessories every six to eight weeks. Some collections can be produced within a 12 day time frame.

Most of the products are cheap, poor quality and mass produced by workers in factories, work shops around the world.

Workers are paid low salaries, endure long hours and work in poor conditions to support their families.

Many are as young as 14 are the only bread winners and often forfeit the chance of a decent education and future

Many factories use hazardous chemicals to dye their fabrics and this water is discharged into rivers and the sea polluting eco systems and depleting fish stocks.

I hope to record vlogs and raise awareness about garment workers over the next coming weeks.

Best regards to all the Six Items Challenge participants.

Love and regards Sabeena X




A Living Wage is a Human Right. Sadly there are many big brands who are refusing to commit to paying for orders completed or in production due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Please sign the petition, share widely and tell the Big Brands to #PayUp!

To read more about Labour Behind The Label's COVID-19 campaign please click on the link here.

The Clean Clothes Campaign has also launched a campaign for garment workers to be paid.

The poster below states the brands who have made no commitment to pay in full for orders completed and in production.

Please view the poster above.

The Clean Clothes Campaign Facebook Page


If you feel inspired, sign up and take the challenge with me next year.

With the help of my creative director Helen we've created a little reminder of how easy it is to support fairtrade producers and be ethical at the same time.

We hope you will find it useful.



1. Seek Fairtrade, organic, slave free and eco friendly labels.

2. Support socially conscious brands.

3. Buy only what you love and be selective

and ask 'Who made my clothes?'

'Do I really need to buy it?'

4. Do your research if you can't see where the product is made the company does not want to know.

5. Think beyond the end result where did the sourcing happen and what is product made of?

6. Reduce waste by avoiding disposable products.

7. Shop locally and support independent designers and boutiques.

8. Shop vintage and upcycled for truly unique products.

9. Speak up - ask designers and shops where their products are made.

10. Make it yourself and impress your friends with your new found skills.



More Questions we all need to ask ourselves...

Think twice when out and about conducting that much needed retail therapy.

Do you really need that skirt, blouse, dress, shoes, bags?

Could you purchase an ethical alternative that supports artisans, doesn't exploit animals and protects the environment?

IF the answers are yes than find out where the shops are in your local area.

Do you have a creative streak?

Why not up-cycle that old blouse, dress or jacket you just can't throw away. Take up sewing or enrol on a fashion design course at your local college maybe even invite a friend or two.

Alternatively, if like me you like a good bargain, how about walking down to your local charity shop, visit your local car boot sale or donate your clothing to organisations who support millions without adequate clothing.

A recent survey indicated that American consumers throw away 68 pounds of clothing in their lifetime. Clothes and accessories that take years to decompose in landfills.

Why not host ''The True Cost'' a documentary showcasing fast fashion and the treatment of garment workers around the world and organise a clothes swap.


Why wait?

Start today...inspire others and be an ethical conscious consumer, support garment workers, fairtrade and ethical producers receive a decent living wage and good working conditions.

Thank you for reading and Congratulations to the Sixer's who participated in the Six Items Challenge 2020.

I look forward to next year.

Love and regards




Dawn News - Workers Protest for payment of wages, dues in Karachi

The Nation - Coronavirus at the Bottom of the Supply Chain

Ethical Corp.Com - Millions of garment workers face destitution as fashion brands cancel orders

Labour Behind The Label

Clean Clothes Campaign

Six Items Challenge 2019

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Six Items Challenge 2012 - 2015


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May 05, 2020
May 05, 2020

Thank you for sharing.
Please stay safe out there.

Thank you Chi8629,

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you?

Love peace and blessings

Jill Langhus
May 06, 2020
May 06, 2020

Hello Dear Sabeena,

How are you doing, love? You look better, but it sounds like maybe not, going by your video? I hope you're feeling/doing better.

Thanks for sharing this challenge, the great organizational links, petition, and resources. Great stuff:-)

Sorry about your grandma, too:-(

Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks Jill,

I'm catching up messages now.

You have to understand I've been living with Endometriosis and PCOS for 30+ years.

If I'm wincing in the videos it means I'm experiencing pain or fatigue. I've learnt to live with my condition.

I am here to raise awareness about issues that I feel passionately about.

I hope you will support garment workers receive a decent living wage and support Labour Behind The Label in the process.

You take care,
Love peace and blessings

Jill Langhus
Mar 12
Mar 12

You're welcome. I meant more about what you're saying that your expression.

It's great that you're creating more awareness and feel very passionate about it.

Yes, I do.

Have a good one.

Anita Shrestha
May 07, 2020
May 07, 2020

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Anita

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings

Beth Lacey
May 07, 2020
May 07, 2020

This is inspirational. Thanks

Thank you Beth,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and watch my videos. It means alot.

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
May 08, 2020
May 08, 2020

Hello, Sabeena,

I am sorry for your loss. It seems like you love your grandma so much. I am glad you are able to continue her legacy. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Karen,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and watch my videos.

Yes! My Grandma (Nani jaan) was a huge influence in my life.
She was my foundation and fountain of wisdom.

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings

Kika Katchunga
May 18, 2020
May 18, 2020

Hello Sabeena
My condolences my sister, thank you for sharing with us.
good luck

Thank you Kika,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and watch my videos.

Thank you for your condolences. They are appreciated.

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings

Sinyuy Geraldine
May 19, 2020
May 19, 2020

Dear Sabeena. Thank you for your Labour behind the label write up and education. I never saw clothing from the perspective you have brought up here. Thank you very much for this enlightenment and courage in this journey you have taken to help others treat the clothes factory workers fairly. We all have to take responsiblity of the environment in which we live.

Dear Sinyuy,

Good Afternoon, Assalaam Alaikum peace and blessings,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

What a beautiful name you have, what does it mean?

Yes! There are so many ways we can be ethical consumers and avoiding fast fashion and fast fashion brands is one way to support the environment and climate change.

Thank you for supporting garment workers receiving a decent living wage and better working conditions around the world.

Take care
Love peace blessings

Sinyuy Geraldine
Mar 11
Mar 11

Dear Sabeena,
Thanks so much for your message. My name means The Eye of God. Thanks for liking it.

That's amazing!

That's powerful and spiritual.

Hugs back!

May 31, 2020
May 31, 2020

Keep a move,

Dear Juliton,

Thank you for your message.

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings

Julie Desai
Jun 02, 2020
Jun 02, 2020

Thanks for sharing

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your message.

I'm catching up messages now.

Hope 2021 has been kind to you so far?

Love peace and blessings