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About Me

I have a challenging nature. I belive in equality/equity for all the human beings specifically all the basic needs should be equally distributed among all nations and humans.I love to work to accellerate the process of change which make all the humans unite and create a harmony among them, I hope this will happen one day and we can built a peaceful healthy and fresh environment for our comming generations.One thing more I would like to mention and that is Gender discrimination if we work out in such a way that this issue abolished completely then it will be a blessing for all of us. I know it is a difficult task but it can be acheived may be after a long period but it can be because I believe the work which is started once will be completed on a day may be after you, as we plant a tree it will give fruits and some body will eat may be you or some one else.Sabiha eqall distributin of basic needs among all humans to work and acheive my goals Communication

My Vision

All humans have their basic facilities of Health Educatin