Be Patient

Posted March 13, 2018


They Told Her 2Leave Her Husband Because She's Worth More Than Him. They Told Her She's Beautiful And Successful, That a Woman Of Her Standard Deserves a Better Man With a Better Job Income And Personality . She Listened To Them And Abandoned Her Home.


It Has Been Over 7yrs Since Then And She's Still Looking For a Better Man That Matches Her Standard. The Funniest Part Is That Those Friends Who Told Her To Leave Her Man Are Still With Thier Own Husbands, Doing Everything Possible To Save Their Homes. Be Very Careful From Who And Where You Take Your Relationship And Marriage Advice. The Only Advice You Can Get From a Fool is a Foolish Advice. Anyone Who Recommends Divorce Or Break Up To You At Every Slight Argument With Your Partner Is An Enemy That Appears Like Friend.


A Lazy Man And a Poor Man Are Never The Same. If a Man Doesn't Have Today Does Not Mean He Will Be Lacking For Life. As Long As he's GOD fearing, Loving, Caring And Appreciative Of Your Efforts, You Don't Have To Worry Yourself. There Are Only Two Ways To Regret In Life. BEFORE AND AFTER. A Woman Who Choose Never To Be Patience for a While Might Ends Up Enduring For Life. Marriage Is Not a Bed Of Roses. If You Want a Husband Like Obama You Must Be Ready to Be a Wife Like Michelle.


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Jill Langhus
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 14, 2018

Hi Sadeeq. I believe what you are saying is true that we need to be careful who we take advice from, but we always have free will to choose to follow it as well. We don't know what circumstances this lady endured to make her want to leave her husband. Maybe it wasn't just a slight argument. If she had just cause to leave him, then she had every right to do it.

Mar 15, 2018
Mar 15, 2018

You TWO KNOW ALL TO WELL ABOUT CIVILrights and we cannot run away from it.I think it is good to keep away from a harsh man than waiting to have your neck cutting.W have seen it in Kenya

Valéria Barbosa
Mar 22, 2018
Mar 22, 2018

Hello SADEEQ The separation is not easy for either side, and I'm sorry for everything you're living.

It takes one to listen to the other, respect and cultivate the relationship, a marriage does not end in one day, it dies slowly. It is important to resolve conflicts, who is outside, as friends may sometimes not know what happens inside homes and emotional relationships. Unless there is a complaint on account of violence.

It is necessary to seek help, from the faith or even from a family therapist.

So my friend is 7 years of questioning and waiting, on the other side 7 years of searching, and 7 years have already passed. Life is there, we do not know how long we will have to review issues of the past.

The important thing is to realize what was done to end the relationship and not repeat the same action.

No one abandons what pleases him, and not always what we think is best for us will be better for the other.

Friend, follow your life and may God bless you. Happiness is in us the other can give us love if we give our love to him, but if she has decided to leave, wish that she is as happy as you.

Stay in peace.

Feb 06, 2019
Feb 06, 2019

Dear Sadeeq,

Thank you so much for your story. I enjoyed reading it and I will leave my sisters with a few words -- The choice to stay or leave a marriage is yours, no one else. Women wear the shoes and they know where it pinches, if it pinches more than your feet can handle, please take the shoes off. If you think you can fix the shoes to fit your feet to eliminate pain, please stay on -- it is your choice. There are sound reasons for divorce and when you think your reason is sound enough, please sign the papers. I believe in advising a sister, if the need is genuine -- and I will not stop at nothing to drop that advise if I think I will be helping a sister. We are our sister's keeper and we are out to build that bond of sisterhood around us.

All in all, the choices are ours and I think every adult puts her reason to work before making a major decision, irrespective of whose voice was added to it.

Thank you for sparking this debate