Posted March 23, 2018


A young man who was always drunk and believing that life had been unfair to him, one day visited a witch doctor concerning his future. The witch doctor brought out two native post, one white and the other black, and a millipedes.


He told the young man that the millipede will determine his destiny . He asked him to watch, that if the millipede enters into the white pot he will have a bright future and if it enters the black pot his life will be miserable. So he set the pot apart and allowed the millipede to do its job. At first, the millipede started crawling towards the white pot but suddenly change its course towards the black pot. The young man became apprehensive, watching the millipede keenly.


As the millipede was about to enter into the pot, he hurriedly stood up, pick the millipede and threw it into the white pot and said he can not be there and allow a millipede determine his destiny.


Moral: Your destiny is in your own hand. Take control.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 24, 2018
Mar 24, 2018

Hi Sadeeq. How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your true story:-)

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 25, 2018
Mar 25, 2018

Hi Sadeeq,

Your story touches me in a few ways. First, the times we might feel lost and go to a respected spiritual leader, in this case a man known as a "witch", a word that has been used both to revere and destroy people for various reasons.

I am looking closely at the word "witch" these days, in particular for the current use of the word throughout history and into the present, to kill in particular women who are considered not important to the community as they are for whatever reason "single" and the killing of men too, as too old to be useful.

For your story I found it such a great ending that the choice of leaving one's direction of life to chance was rejected by taking control (sending the millipede into the white pot), a choice the man witch might have hoped for him. In this act not only did the young man take his future into his own hands, he learned to trust himself above others.

Thanks for the thought provoking story,

Valéria Barbosa
Mar 30, 2018
Mar 30, 2018

Olá Saadeeq. A sua história está em suas mãos e pode ser acrescida de outras histórias. Agradeço a oportunidade.