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About Me

I am a global citizen. I am a person full of passion for people and the planet. My interests include: sustainable agriculture and development, the arts, activism, social entrepreneurialism and eco tourism. I like to organize, collaborate and take direct, peaceful, action for the benefit of (especially) women and girls (and therefore everybody!). I live in Hawaii, USA, and am currently involved with the Occupy WallStreet movement (De)occupy Honolulu, as well as with Native Rights, Demilitarization and Environmental (IAlohaMolokai) and Social Justice issues (Hawaii Alliance for Local Immigrant Voices and Empowerment, aka (Ha)Live), here in Hawaii. I am also involved with ongoing movements in Nepal (Women Project Nepal, Astha Women School, Friends of Volunteer Initiative Nepal (FVIN), and in Afghanistan (Skateistan). Equality and justice, healthily living, education, and happiness, peace and harmony for all beings. Finding the best possible practices of resisting oppression and oppressive systems, while at the same time being the change that I want to see in the world. Critical thought, The Arts, Organizing.

My Vision

Feminism Without Borders! A More Peaceful and Just World